Design and Develop Global Applications

Design and Develop Global Applications

Globalization is the process of making applications work seamlessly utilizing the user’s preferred language and culture. It involves not just programming and deployment skills but also cultural, translation and language expertise as well.

Globalization topics

Scripts and Languages
Learn about the many scripts and languages used across the world including bidirectional scripts, East Asian ideographic languages, and languages of India.

How to prepare your applications for translation and hints and tips to help you through the process. If you are a cloud or mobile application developer, you can now use our IBM Bluemix® service: the IBM Globalization Pipeline (NEW!) to rapidly and inexpensively translate your application content into different languages without having to step outside of your IBM Bluemix® DevOps/Continuous Delivery infrastructure.

Learn about the important role of the Unicode standard in globalized software.

Coded Character Set Reference Material
View IBM coded character set resources online and learn more about how graphic character data is encoded, interpreted and processed.

Check out the Character Data Reference Architecture Document updated in 2013.

Handling the input and output of character data.

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