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Getting ready for globalization

When starting your first globalization effort, or evaluating the efficiency of your existing efforts in international markets, you need to assess the issues and challenges facing you before selecting your next steps. As the needs and marketplace change, so will the globalization requirements for processes and applications.

For example, would your applications in place today work in China as well as in Eastern Europe? Can the current infrastructure, architecture, processes and staffing support the additional transactions from Brazil and India? Are you prepared to respond to the competitors in those markets?

How do you start understanding and tackling a global project so that you use a methodology that has been proven to produce a successful outcome?

IBM offers the Strategy and Design workshop to provide an overview of the myriad considerations involved in globalizing enterprise applications.

Proven methodologies and best practices

IBM's Strategy and Design Workshop discusses different approaches to integrating multi-lingual, customer-facing applications with existing back-end applications. For customers planning a pilot project or the next steps in their globalization initiatives, the workshop will cover the issues that need to be considered in determining how to move forward.

IBM experts will work you you, step by step, to help assess the globalization capabilities of your current applications, understand and define your future globalization requirements, identify the gaps between the two and how to close the gaps. Leveraging IBM expertise and tools, our consultants will assist in creating a customized end-to-end globalization plan and a decision matrix to help prioritize the work effort. IBM even has tools - Application Globalization Estimator - that can quickly help generate a cost estimate of the effort.

Workshop customized around your business

Depending on your requirements, the workshop can be tailored to focus on the education and planning to create a new plan, or on the assessment of your existing plan or both.

The workshop is customized based on your current and future IT plan, any training need in specific areas of globalization, a decision matrix to assist in establishing your priorities, and a high-level project plan for a selected project. Or for customers with an existing plan, IBM can review the plan and provide suggestions to increase the effectiveness or reduce the costs of your globalization effort. Our consultants will focus on a solution initially targeted at a specific geography, but one that is easily adaptable to any geography.

As your business has constraints on time, money and skills, our goal is to help expedite your time to market and minimize the impact to your current business while optimizing the use of your current assets and resources. Early in the engagement, we will work with you to determine your objectives, and establish checkpoints and milestones to assure the project remains on track.

Strategy and design workshop agenda

This workshop covers:


Duration: Approximately 8-12 weeks from inception to final deliverables.

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