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The GVT wizard and GVT services

Software development teams have always had the responsibility to test and ensure that their product functions properly. However, ensuring that it also functions properly in a global environment may be new territory. This global component adds a layer of complexity to already complex testing. The challenge now is not only to complete global verification testing but to do it in a consistent, repeatable and efficient manner.

And GVT is a critical test activity, independent from Translation Verification Test (TVT). Performing GVT testing prior to doing translation increases the likelihood of having successful, on time TVTs with minimal globalization problems. GVT reduces the cost and problem of fixing costly errors after your software has been deployed. And using a tool such as the GVT Wizard reduces overall testing costs associated with GVT.

The GVT wizard and guide

To assist our clients in achieving their globalization testing goals and optimizing their test resources, IBM is introducing our Globalization Verification Test (GVT) Wizard. This user-friendly interactive tool assists in assuring that just the right testing is done for each software component. Used in conjunction with IBM's GVT consulting services, the GVT Wizard can reduce your test time and costs and help you assure a quality deliverable in every market you serve around the globe.

There are three separate components that make up the GVT Wizard offering:

GVT wizard reports

Based on the user responses to the Wizard, a report is generated containing:

If your software is comprised of several sub-components that are tested independently, you can create a separate GVT Wizard report file for each sub-component as well.

The GVT Wizard report then contains links to specific GVT Guide documentation that can help you create the optimal test cases for the areas to be tested.

Deliverables: The complete GVT Wizard offering is available as a Single License Asset or as an Enterprise License Asset for 15 or more users. You will receive the Wizard, the Guide, the Framework, and a Guide for Installation.

Globalization testing services

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