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Domain modeling and integration services

In addition, to providing the technology that allows you to enable your applications to analyze natural language text, the LanguageWare team also provide consulting services, with particular focus on domain modelling. Here we help organizations integrate their own domain knowledge into the overall analysis process and build up domain models, or extraction models, that leverage this existing data. This bootstraps the entire analysis process, through our data-driven architecture, and significantly increases return-on-investment for customers. The LanguageWare team comprises specialists in linguistics, computational linguistics, computer science, mathematics, terminology, and translation, at PhD, Masters, and Bachelors degree levels, with specialists in over 20 languages.

LanguageWare consultants can analyze your existing domain data - vocabularies, ontologies, terminologies - and recommend how these can be exploited during the text analysis process. They can provide tools to help extract new domain data from existing information repositories, linguistically enhance it (even with high quality domain vocabularies, they are frequently under-specified in terms of describing the linguistic characteristics that effect how the terms may be constructed in real text), and then compile it into the LanguageWare resources. They can advise on the terminology standards - both in construction and ongoing management of terminologies. They can develop any additional code required to allow the customer to exploit these new analysis capabilities into their solutions. They can provide ongoing support of the resulting domain-specific application layer, or alternatively provide the customer with the tooling so that they can update the application with the new domain vocabularies as/when they evolve within their organization. With LanguageWare you not only get the best NLP technology, but also a development and services team dedicated to ensuring that your organization gets the greatest return on investment from LanguageWare and your own domain data.

LanguageWare is now part of the IBM Content Analytics with Enterprise Search product (ICAwES).

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