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IBM Globalization Software Services is a global practice with a team of experts leveraging over two decades of globalization experience to support customers moving toward international expansion. Going global, and doing it effectively has many challenges:

IBM has core competencies in every aspect of IT and application globalization, enabling us to offer innovative, end-to-end turnkey solutions. IBM is a demanding global business operating in more than 50 languages and more than 160 countries. Our services practice has honed its skills providing globalization services to a demanding customer - IBM!

IBM Globalization Software Services professionals are experts who can provide best practices in globalization design and architecture, strategy and standards, technical support, training, and deployment. We will tailor our services to best suit a customer's knowledge of the global marketplace, their technical expertise and their needs, providing the focused or end-to-end solution they require.

Service offerings

IBM Globalization Software Services provides the following service offerings from which customers may tailor a program:

Globalization Verification Testing - To assist our clients in achieving their globalization testing goals and optimizing their test resources, IBM is introducing our Globalization Verification Test (GVT) Wizard. This user-friendly interactive tool assists in assuring that just the right testing is done for each software component. Used in conjunction with IBM’s GVT consulting services, the GVT Wizard can reduce your test time and costs and help you assure a quality deliverable in every market you serve around the globe.

Strategy and Design Workshop - For customers moving into new markets or trying to address new requirements from existing international markets, this education and planning workshop provides an overview of the myriad considerations involved in globalizing enterprise applications. IBM will discuss different approaches to integrating multi-lingual, customer facing applications with existing back-end applications. For customers planning a pilot project or the next step in their globalization initiatives, the workshop will cover the issues that need to be considered in moving forward.

Architecture and Code Review - This service reviews a customer's existing data and applications and helps them develop a strategic plan, identifying the changes needed for their applications to work worldwide. For customers who have already launched a globalization initiative, this service can also validate planned architecture and recommend needed changes.

Application Conversions - For customers who do not have the in-house Globalization expertise or development resources, this service uses proven design principles to create and implement a globalization application design. In the process, IBM helps the customer establish standards for coding, data interchange, testing, and a common code library. If IBM is working side-by-side with the customer's IT team, this service can provide knowledge transfer throughout the engagement.

Deployment Assistance - IBM has the skills to assist in an efficient and effective deployment at any phase of a client's globalization project. IBM can provide organizational assistance, strategic planning, technical design or deployment assistance, augmenting your globalization and application development staffing. If preferred, a customer can have the work completely outsourced to IBM.

Education and Training Services - IBM Globalization Software Services will work with clients to create customized education on all phases of globalization, from inception and planning of a global project, through construction of the global IT solution and its deployment. We offer on site classes, web education and classroom education.

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