Deployment Assistance Services

Are you ready for global deployment?

You have the strategy, architecture and design in place. You have the management structure, approvals and the funding. How do you go about implementing your new globalization plans? Do you have the skilled resources to roll it out?

Skills, skills, skills

Successfully competing in the global marketplace requires a thorough understanding of the local geography, culture, economics and policies. It also takes software know-how, in globalization design, in architecture, in Unicode, in translation and testing. You must know how to create an end-to-end, enterprise-wide globalization solution and deploying new user interface and new applications, integrating existing applications and providing the supporting documentation. Then you must train your people to maintain and monitor this global solution to assure you are successful today and remain successful in the future. Your business depends on it.

IBM has skilled globalization resources around the world who are available to share their knowledge and augment your staff. IBM has skilled project executives, programmers, architects, translators, designers, testers, project managers and trainers who have already built and deployed global websites and global solutions in over 160 countries.

Grow and protect your business

A globalized solution needs to accommodate the need for local look and feel, while maintaining the continuity and consistency of your company's image around the globe. You must expand to new markets while protecting your current assets. How will you integrate the new solution with your existing software and systems? How will your staff acquire new skills, then handle new demands and existing demands too?

Team to help accelerate your deployment

IBM has staff with deep skills and broad knowledge around the world, experienced in every phase of globalization. We have the hands-on experience needed to avoid pitfalls, avert disasters and streamline your entrance into new markets and geographies.

Along with people, IBM also brings to your solution the right governance, the best tools, best practices and methodologies, the integrated support and outstanding service you require.

IBM can help in specific areas of deployment, or take over management of the entire project, and anything in between.

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