Architecture and Code Review Services

Global architecture for your business

Before launching an initiative to make your existing applications and data global, you need to feel confident that you are following proven design principles that support globalization and ensure a successful implementation:

Review that helps assure your success

A review of your current architecture(s), the existing applications and data is an important step in verifying whether your existing structure supports proven design principles for globalization.

IBM's Architecture and Code review is designed to assure you a comprehensive solution based on proven practices so that your IT infrastructure will complement your business strategy rather than be an obstacle to its implementation.

Our team of experts can show your architects and analysts what changes need to be made to your existing applications and data and what design principles you will need to implement for new applications to create an architecture and a system design that will meet your globalization requirements. We will review your architecture based on your current operating environments, hardware/software platforms, and business requirements while providing a brief overview on globalization and the use of standards and common libraries. If requested, our experts can also go through each application to identify potential Globalization pitfalls.

Based on the review, our experts will recommend a plan that will support your business strategy while minimizing the impact to your existing applications and data. The recommendations will include appropriate globalization coding standards, application and data integration strategy, data exchange standards, best practices, and common libraries for the development of global applications.

If the change required is extensive, you may choose to have IBM perform an Application Conversion Services engagement where our experts will work side-by-side with your architects, designers, developers, and testers to modify your current applications, and to implement the global architecture.

Whether we are reviewing applications for commerce, fulfillment, HR, ERP, Finance or CRM functions, whether they reside on a desktop or a mainframe, IBM can help you by calling upon its 20 plus years of experience in globalizing its own products and solutions. You can leverage IBM's deep understanding of Unicode, handling of ideographic and complex languages, and cultural requirements all over the world

Architecture and code review agenda

This services engagement covers:


Duration: Approximately 4-12 weeks (160-240 hours) depending on the number and complexity of applications to be reviewed.

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