Application Conversion Services

Application and data conversion

Delivering products and services all over the world creates the challenge of extending your IT services to customers and employees in their preferred form and language:

IBM has the broad architectural knowledge, deep technical skills and best practices to assist your team to architect, design and implement globalized applications. Whether the need be in Unicode or other traditional encodings, videographics or complex scripts, left-to-right or bi-directional languages; whether it is with back-office applications or web front-ends, IBM consultants have the skill to assist you and more than 20 years of experience.

Broad architectural knowledge, deep technical skills

Converting an existing application to meet your globalization requirements takes many levels of efforts and IBM will work with your team through the process from beginning to the end:

Create an architecture and system design

Design solution based on open standards

Create a sound implementation plan

Assist in implementation

Results-oriented services tailored to your business needs

The Application and Data Conversion services is a comprehensive offering that includes:

Deliverables: The following items will be delivered as part of this service:


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