Mirroring of graphic user interface elements

If the window orientation is right to left, most of the graphic user interface (GUI) elements in the window body appear mirrored as compared to a left-to-right window.

Example: In the example below of a right-to-left window, the position of the vertical scroll bar appears to the left of the scroll box, labels are to the right of their respective entry boxes including the drop down menu/box, and the buttons have been horizontally mirrored as well (and if radio buttons were to be added, they would be to the right of their labels). Other elements, such as the title bar icon, the title bar, and the minimize and maximize buttons, remain the same as in the left-to-right window to ensure consistency in usability.

example of a right-to-left window

Example: The example below for Microsoft Windows shows most of the elements of the window are mirrored.

example of a Microsoft Windows

Guideline H3

Do not presume a left to right orientation in presentation functions. In a graphic interface environment, the functions should support mirroring of the GUI elements.