Controlling the operating modes

The ISO/IEC 9995 international standard specifies functions that you can allocate to non-graphic keys. These functions may change the operating mode of the keyboard, and in turn can change the character that is passed to the product. Functions can include the following:


The active keyboard operation mode can be selected either by the user or by way of software programming interfaces.


Guideline E2


Allow software control of the keyboard operating modes


A keyboard is essentially a collection of momentary (active only while held down) switches. Nothing but the physical layout and keyboard nomenclature (labels) need to be corrected to provide support for a particular language or culture. Software can be in complete control of a keyboard and its operating modes.


Example: When entering data in Arabic or Hebrew, your product can automatically activate the group that contains all the Arabic or Hebrew characters. When the user moves the cursor to an entry field that only accepts English characters, your product automatically switches to the group where all the English characters reside.