Finding User Interface Elements

Function initiation and selection mechanisms used in earlier systems often require the user to position the cursor over certain user interface elements such as a push button or action bar item. Because translation of these elements may change their lengths and positions, your application must not depend on particular locations for these elements. Your application must continue to respond correctly despite relocation and expansion of any of these selectable user interface elements. The absolute position of the user interface elements must not interfere with the correct operation of your application.


Guideline A4


Ensure that functions that depend on the location of user interface elements are not inhibited by their display position changes caused by UI expansion, or by mirroring of presentation for bidi languages.


Example: For a non-GUI product running on z/OS, suppose you have the following items on a horizontal selection bar:

User interface elements example

When the user clicks the mouse button at column 05,HELP1, (or HILFE1) is selected. When the user moves the cursor to column 13 and clicks the mouse button, in the English version HELP3 is activated, but in the German version HILFE2 is selected instead!