Coded Character Set Reference Material

IBM has defined a number of related identifiers for the purpose of graphic character identification. A brief description of the identifiers and links to the related resources are found below.


An understanding of coded character sets is essential when developing multilingual software. Coded Character Sets: An Overview provides a solid introduction to the concepts involved in character data handling. Detailed informaiton on the identifiers, their use and relationships is found in the Character Data Representation Architecture (CDRA) reference publication.


Coded character set identifiers
A coded character Set Identifier (CCSID) is a 16-bit number identifying a specific set of encoding scheme identifier, character set identifier(s), code page identifier(s), and additional coding-related required information that uniquely identifies the coded graphic character representation used. This page contains links to documents containing information about registered IBM CCSIDs that may be used by IBM products to tag data for identification purposes.
Coded character set identifiers (CCSIDs)

Code pages
A code page is a particular assignment of code points to graphic characters. This repository contains code page global identifiers (CPGID) registered in the IBM Corporate Standards registry. They are presented in numerical order by CPGID.
By code page global identifier (CPGID)

Character sets
A character set is a specified set of characters. This repository contains graphic character set global identifiers (GCSGID) registered in the IBM Corporate Standards registry. The character sets are presented in numerical order by GCSGID.
By graphic character set global identifier (GCSGID)

Graphic character identifiers
Graphic character identifiers represent characters referenced in character sets or code pages. This link gives information on identifiers assigned to various graphic characters used in IBM.
Graphic character identifiers (GCGIDs)

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