Special character set information document
GCSGID 03011
Name Repertoire of Unicode V 5.0 BMP (Plane 00)
Size 58,415
Registration date 11/2/2006
Last revision date
Languages All
Countries/regions All
Principal code pages 01400
Notes 1. This character set corresponds to the repertoire of the Basic Multilingual Plane (BMP - Plane 00 of Group 00) in Unicode V5.0, minus the Controls, Surrogates and Noncharacters -- refer to the table below for details:

Allocation of BMP Code Points:
51, 984 Graphic Characters
31 Format (Cf/Z1/Zp)
6,400 Private Use
58, 415 Total

2. This character set is identical to the subset for Plane 00 of Group 00 that consists of a fixed collection from clause A.6.5 and several ranges of code positions as noted below (reference: ISO/IEC 10646:2003/Amd.2:2006 (E)):

Plane 00

Collection number and name
306 UNICODE 4.1

In addition to the collection above, the following range of code positions are included:
Row, Positions (cells)
02, 42-4F
03, 7B-7D
04, CF FA-FF
05, 10-13 BA
07, C0-FA
09, 7B-7C 7E-7F
0C, E2-E3 F1-F2
1B, 00-4B 50-7C
20, EC-EF
21, 4D-4E 84
23, DC-E7
26, B2
27, C7-CA
2B, 14-1A 20-23
2C, 60-6C 74-77
A7, 17-1A 20-21
A8, 40-77
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