Special character set information document
GCSGID 03007
Name Repertoire of Unicode V4.0 SIP (Plane 02)
Size 43,253
Registration date 2/3/2004
Last revision date
Languages All
Countries/regions All
Principal code pages 01402
Notes 1. This character set corresponds to the repertoire of the Supplementary Ideographic Plane (SIP - Plane 02 of Group 00) in Unicode V4.0.

2. This character set is identical to the subset for Plane 02 of the fixed collection "340 COMBINED FIRST EDITION" in the First Edition of ISO/IEC 10646:2003. It comprises only the subset of coded characters in Plane 02 of Group 00 that were in the First Edition of 10646:2003 that consists of collections from clause A.1 and A.3 and several ranges of code positions as noted below:

Plane 02

Row, Positions (cells)
00-A6, 0000-A6D6
F8-FA, F800-FA1D
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