SBCS character set information document
GCSGID 01441
Name Cyrillic, Multilingual with euro
Size 190
Registration date 12/1/2001
Last revision date
Languages Kazakh, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Cyrillic, English, Macedonian, Russian, Serbian
Countries/regions Kazakhstan, Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Macedonia (FYR), Montenegro, Multinational, Russia, Serbia, Serbia-Montenegro, Yugoslavia
Principal code pages 01166
Notes This character set is the same as CS 01381 with the ff. char's replaced: KD61 by KG64, KG11 by KG61, KI17 by KK45, KL41 by KN45, KN11 by KO67, KC11 by KU69, KK11 by KU67, KG21 by KH63, KD62 by KG68, KG12 by KG62, KI18 by KK46, KL42 by KN46, KN12 by KO68, KC12 by KU70, KK12 by KU68, and KG22 by KH64.
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