Special code page information document
CPGID 01449
Name IBM default PUA
Encoding scheme 7209
Code UCS Plane
Registration date 5/1/1999
Last revision date 5/26/1999
Languages Specials
Countries/regions Specials
Maximal character set 03099
Other character set
Notes 1. This code page represents the IBM default for the Private User Area (PUA) of the Basic Multilingual Plane (BMP) of ISO/IEC 10646 and Unicode. Specifically this refers to code positions E000 to F8FF of which 195 positions (U+F83D to U+F8FF) have been designated for use with IBM Corporate-zone characters. It is used along with code page 01400 which represents the UCS-BMP (Plane 00 of Group 00).
2.The area shown represents only the last 256 bytes of the complete PUA. The actual hex values are X'F8xx'
3. The PUA in the BMP extends from U+E000 to U+F8FF. The code points in this area have not been defined by the standard and are interpretable only by a private agreement between sender and recipient of UCS data. By convention this area is divided into a Corporate Use Zone starting at U+F8FF and moving down and an End User Zone starting at U+E000 and moving up. This convention is for the convenience of system vendors and software developers and no firm dividing line between the two zones has been defined. IBM has designated 195 positions from U+F83D to U+F8FF for use as IBM Corporate-zone and intends to use them consistently within IBM whenever there is a need to maintain the round-trip integrity of IBM characters. The remainder of the PUA is used for User Defined Characters. At present CS 3099 containing 192 IBM Corportate characters has been defined.
4. Euro supported CCSID of this code page is 17584 with euro added at \x20AC.
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