Special code page information document
CPGID 01448
Name UCS-BMP (Generic UDC)
Encoding scheme 7209
Code UCS Plane
Registration date 2/1/2004
Last revision date
Languages All
Countries/regions All
Maximal character set 03098
Other character set
Notes 1. This code page represents the generic Private Use Area (PUA) in the BMP of ISO/IEC 10646 and Unicode. Specifically this refers to code positions E000 to F8FF (in Plane 00 of Group 00). It is used along with the primary UCS-2 code page 01400.
2.This represents the full set of characters of the complete PUA in the BMP that can be used for User Defined Characters (UDCs).
3. Character Set 03098 has been defined for use by this code page.
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