Special code page information document
CPGID 01445
Name IBM AFP PUA No. 1
Encoding scheme 7209
Code UCS Plane
Registration date 7/28/2011
Last revision date 05/07/2012
Languages All, Specials
Countries/regions All, Specials
Maximal character set 03095
Other character set
Notes 1. This code page represents the IBM Advanced Function Printing (AFP) Private User Area No.1 (AFP-PUA-1) of Plane 15 (x0F) of ISO/IEC 10646 and Unicode. This refers to code positions x0FF000 to x0FFFFF of which 254 positions (U+0FF000 to U+FFFFD) have been designated for this code page. It is to be used along with one or more other UCS code pages in the IBM Corporate Registry: BMP (CPGID 01400 or CPGID 01448) SMP (CPGID 01401) SIP (CPGID 01402) SSP (CPGID 01414) or IBM Corporate PUA - in BMP (CPGID 1449).

2. The area shown in the chart above represents only 254 bytes of row FF in plane 0F. Code positions FFFE and FFFF (in row FF) in each plane (x00 to x10) are reserved for non-characters in the standards.

3. The code points in this area have not been defined by the ISO or Unicode standards and are interpretable only by a private agreement between sender and recipient of UCS data. At present CS03095 containing 171 of the 254 IBM AFP-PUA-1 characters has been defined.

4. Nov 16 2011 - Updated to replace AFP GCGIDs (IXA0*) with 'Far East' GCGIDs (U0FF*).

5. May 07, 2012 - Updated to add the following (4) new characters to CS03095: SF5700H0; SF6100H0; SM7800H0; and SM9100H0.
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