Special code page information document
CPGID 01400
Name ISO 10646 UCS-BMP (Based on Unicode V6.0)
Encoding scheme 7209
Code UCS Plane
Registration date 5/1/1999
Last revision date 4/6/2011
Languages All
Countries/regions All
Maximal character set 03018
Other character set 03001 03004 03005 03009 03011 03013 03015
Notes 1. This code page represents the UCS-BMP (Plane 00 of Group 00) except for the Private Use Area (PUA) defined by xE000 through xF8FF (as this is defined by a separate code page).
2. Refer to the ISO 10646 or Unicode documents for a description of this plane.
3. CS 3001 represents Unicode 2.0 CS 3004 represents Unicode 3.0 and CS 3005 represents Unicode V4.0 BMP CS 3009 represents Unicode V4.1 BMP (Sep/13/2005).
4. The Euro character is supported by Unicode 3.0 (and higher versions) at \x20AC.
5. CS 3011 represents Unicode V5.0 BMP (Nov/02/2006).
6. CS 3013 represents Unicode V5.1 BMP (Dec/12/2008).
7. CS 3015 represents Unicode V5.2 BMP (Jun/25/2010).
8. CS 3018 represents Unicode V6.0 BMP (Apr/06/2011). The Indian Rupee Sign is supported in this Unicode version at \x20B9.
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