SBCS code page information document
CPGID 01255
Name Windows, Hebrew
Encoding scheme 4105
Code MS Windows (ISO 8 variant)
Registration date 6/1/1995
Last revision date 1/22/2001
Languages English, Hebrew
Countries/regions Israel
Maximal character set 01419
Other character set 01405 01415
Notes 1. The characters in this code page are a superset of the characters of ISO 8859-8 (CP 00916) except for SD31 which is a synonym of SM15 in CP 00916 SC17 (new sheqel) which replaces SC01 and SA06 (divide symbol) SA07 (multiply symbol) SD41 (cedilla) and SM10 (double underscore) which are missing. 1 common character (SM57) is at a different code point the remaining common characters are at the same code points.
2. The Euro supported CCSIDs of this updated code page are 5351 and 9447 with the euro symbol added to \x80.
3. Updated in 2001 to include the 7 new characters (i.e. SA06 SA07 SD41 SD67 SD68 SP03 & SP16) added by Microsoft.
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