SBCS code page information document
CPGID 01166
Name EBCDIC Cyrillic, Multilingual with euro
Encoding scheme 1100
Registration date 12/1/2001
Last revision date
Languages Kazakh, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Cyrillic, English, Macedonian, Russian, Serbian
Countries/regions Kazakhstan, Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Macedonia (FYR), Montenegro, Russia, Serbia, Serbia-Montenegro, Yugoslavia
Maximal character set 01441
Other character set
Notes This code page is based on CP 1154 with the following chars replaced at the following codepoints: at X'42'-KD61 by KG64 '43'-KG11 by KG61 '48'-KI17 by KK45 '51'-KL41 by KN45 '52'-KN11 by KO67 '53'-KC11 by KU69 '54'-KK11 by KU67 '56'-KG21 by KH63 '59'-KD62 by KG68 '62'-KG12 by KG62 '67'-KI18 by KK46 '69'-KL42 by KN46 '70'-KN12 by KO68 '71'-KC12 by KU70 '72'-KK12 by KU68 '75'-KG22 by KH64.
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