SBCS code page information document
CPGID 01165
Name Latin 2 EBCDIC/Open Systems
Encoding scheme 1100
Registration date 4/1/2000
Last revision date 4/3/2000
Languages Albanian, Croatian, Czech, English, German, Hungarian, Latin, Latin2, Polish, Romanian, Serbian (Latin), Slovak, Slovenian
Countries/regions Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Multinational, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia
Maximal character set 01375
Other character set
Notes 1. This CP has the POSIX Portable Characters at the same code positions as CP01047 making it suitable for use in the OS/390 UNIX Systems Services (USS) and other open environments.It encodes the same Latin-2 CS as CP01153 (i.e. CS01375).
2. CP01165 is to be used primarily for OS/390 UNIX Systems Services. CP01153 Latin 2 EBCDIC with Euro is still the required EBCDIC code page for Latin 2 countries.
Code page CP01165.pdf

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