SBCS code page information document
CPGID 01040
Name Korean Extended - Personal Computer
Encoding scheme 2100
Registration date 12/1/1989
Last revision date 9/12/2007
Languages English, Korean
Countries/regions Korea
Maximal character set 01186
Other character set 01173
Notes 1. Code points X'01' through X'1F' and X'7F' may be controls or graphics depending on context. For displays the hexadecimal code in a memory-mapped video display buffer is a graphic. For printers the graphics context is established by a preceding control sequence in the data stream ESC X'7E08' named Print All Characters. In other situations the code points in question are used as controls.
2. Code point X'1A' and a combination of X'0D' and X'0A' are widely used by operating systems and application programs for IBM Personal Computers and other small computers to indicate End-of-File and Endof-Record respectively.
3. This code page is intended primarily to be used in conjunction with Korean DBCS-PC Code Page 00834. Code Points X'81' through X'BF' specify the first byte of the double-byte code.
4. SP490000 is a Korean FILL character used in Jamo-Composing. The FILL character which has no graphic pattern associated with it is used as a NULL.
5. Sept 12 2007 - Changed registration category to "Restricted" as this CP is targetted to be tagged as "Obsolete". However there are still 'active' CCSIDs that reference this CP.
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