SBCS code page information document
CPGID 00922
Name Estonia, similar to ISO 8859-1
Encoding scheme 4155
Code ISO 8 Presentation
Registration date 4/1/1994
Last revision date 10/5/2005
Languages English, Estonian
Countries/regions Estonia
Maximal character set 01347
Other character set 01307
Notes 1. This code page used with GCSGID 01307 meets the requirements of the following national standard:
Estonian Standard - EVS 8:1993 (table 3.1) reference:
2. Euro supported version of this codepage is 902 (CCSID 25478) ICS is replaced by euro symbol at \xA4.
3. In Oct 2005 changed encoding scheme (ES) from 4100 (ISO 8-Bit) to 4155 (ISO 8 Presentation). When used with GCSGID 01307 supports ES 4100 with no graphics in C0 and C1.
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