SBCS code page information document
CPGID 00916
Name Hebrew (Latin)
Encoding scheme 4100
Code ISO 8-Bit
Registration date 10/1/1987
Last revision date 4/21/1999
Languages English, Hebrew
Countries/regions Israel
Maximal character set 01466
Other character set 00941
Notes 1. This code page meets the requirements of the following external standards:
ISO 8859 Part 8 (1988)
ECMA - 121 (July 1987)
In the above standards the character at X'B7' is identified as a Middle Dot. However to maintain compatibility with EBCDIC Code Page 00424 the character is shown as SM570000 Bullet. The characters should be treated as equivalent.
2. Hebrew text is written from right to left numerics which are the same as in Latin languages are written left to right. Hebrew text written in right to left orientation can be expected to be intermixed with Latin text and numerics written in left to right orientation.
3. This code page was extended in 1999 to add the LRM and RLM.
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