SBCS code page information document
CPGID 00896
Name Japan 7-Bit Katakana Extended
Encoding scheme 5100
Code ISO 7-Bit
Registration date 9/1/1992
Last revision date
Languages Japanese
Countries/regions Japan
Maximal character set 01284
Other character set 01121
Notes 1. This code page may be used as one-half of an 8-bit code in an ISO 2022 or EUC environment. If used as the right-half of such a code X'80' must be added to the values of each code point above except for X'20' Space.
2. When used as the right-half of an 8-bit code a code point or group of code points may be preceded by the appropriate single-shift or locking-shift invocation controls of ISO 2022.
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