SBCS code page information document
CPGID 00875
Name Greece
Encoding scheme 1100
Registration date 8/1/1987
Last revision date 3/30/2005
Languages English, Greek
Countries/regions Greece
Maximal character set 01514
Other character set 00925 01159 01371
Notes 1.In November 1998 this code page has been expanded to include SC20 (euro) at X'FC'. The Euro supported CCSID of this code page is 4971 with the Euro Sign added to \xFC.
2. This code page supersedes Code Page 00423.
3. In March 2005 this code page was expanded to include 2 new characters (i.e. Drachma Sign and Greek Ypogegrammeni) that were added to the ISO 8859 Part-7 Standard in 2003. The CCSID for this updated code page is 9067 with the 2 new characters assigned to codepoints below:
SC220000 (Drachma Sign - U+20AF) at x'E1'
GI012000 (Greek Ypogegrammeni - U+037A) at x'EC'
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