SBCS code page information document
CPGID 00862
Name Israel - Personal Computer
Encoding scheme 2100
Registration date 6/1/1986
Last revision date
Languages English, Hebrew
Countries/regions Israel
Maximal character set 00992
Other character set 01210 01217
Notes 1. Code points X'00' through X'7F' are the same as code points X'00' through X'7F' on Code Page 00437.
2. Code points X'01' through X'1F' and X'7F' may be controls or graphics depending on context. For displays the hexadecimal code in a memory-mapped video display buffer is a graphic. For printers the graphics context is established by a preceding control sequence in the data stream. There are two such control sequences: ESC X'5C' and ESC X'5E' named Print All Characters and Print Single Character respectively. In other situations the code points in question are used as controls.
3. Code point X'1A' is widely used by operating systems and application programs for the IBM Personal Computer and other small computers to indicate End-of-File in a text file.
4. A new code page 867 was made in which SP03 have been replaced by euro at \xAD new sheqel and direction controls.
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