SBCS code page information document
CPGID 00813
Name Greece ISO 8859-7
Encoding scheme 4100
Code ISO 8-Bit
Registration date 4/1/1988
Last revision date 12/22/2004
Languages English, Greek
Countries/regions Greece
Maximal character set 01514
Other character set 00925 01159 01371
Notes 1. This code page meets the requirements of the following external standards:
ISO 8859 Part 7 (November 1987)
ECMA - 118 (December 1986)
ELOT - 928
These standards use the alternate form of graphic characters at code points X'E8' and X'F6' as follows:
GT610002 (Theta Small (Closed Form)) at X'E8'
GF010001 (Phi Small (Closed Form)) at X'F6'

2. In March 1999 this code page was expanded to include the Euro Sign (SC200000 - U+20AC) at x'A4'. The Euro supported CCSID of this updated code page is 4909 with the euro symbol added to \xA4.

3. In December 2004 this code page was expanded to include 2 characters (i.e. Drachma Sign and Greek Ypogegrammeni) that were added to the ISO 8859 Part 7 Standard in 2003. The CCSID for this updated code page is 9005 with the 2 new characters assigned to the codepoints below:
SC220000 (Drachma Sign - U+20AF) at x'A5'
GI012000 (Greek Ypogegrammeni - U+037A) at x'AA'
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