SBCS code page information document
CPGID 00293
Name APL (USA)
Encoding scheme 1100
Registration date 5/1/1984
Last revision date 12/12/1995
Languages APL, English, Specials
Countries/regions Specials
Maximal character set 01340
Other character set 00380 00615
Notes 1. APL code points X'4A 4F 5A 5B 5F 6A 79 7B 7C A1 C0 D0' and X'E0' are assigned to national use graphic characters . The graphic characters
in these code points may differ from country to country. Code Page 00293 is the US APL Code Page.
2. The graphic characters in X'70 76' and X'77' are not valid APL graphic characters . They are provided on some non-IBM ASCII/APL terminals. They are
shown on Code Page 00293 so that translation of ASCII/APL (Code Page 00371) to/from EBCDIC/APL (Code Page 00293) can be achieved if needed.
3. Code points X'9C 9E B5 B9' and X'FA' are reserved for future assignment.
4. APL graphic characters Tilde Slope Stile and Quote Dot in X'80 B7 BF' and X'DB' respectively resemble national use graphic characters Tilde Accent
Backslash Vertical Line Unbroken and Exclamation Point respectively in X'A1 E0 4F' and X'5A' respectively. The latter graphic characters must not
be used for the APL functions having similar graphic characters by hardware or software products implementing the APL graphic character set.
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