Character Data Representation Architecture

Method 10 for EUC to PC conversions

The input values for the conversion in this case are four bytes, rather than the two bytes used for the PC input in the previous example. This results in a conversion table construction that is more complex than the PC-to-EUC case. The following description applies equally to all tables dealing with four-byte input values, namely those of EUC and TCP/IP CCSIDs.

There are four levels of tables within the constructed conversion table, where each table corresponds to one input byte value of the four input bytes per character.

An index value of 0 corresponds to the first table in the group.

Figure 62. Method 10: EUC to PC Conversion

euc2pc epsbin - EUC to PC conversioneuc2pc epsbin - EUC to PC conversion

The method shown in Figure 62 has the following characteristics:

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