Character Data Representation Architecture

Method 1 for SBCS

This method has the following characteristics:

The machine-readable format of the single-byte to single-byte conversion table is a file containing a single 256-byte record. This allows for 256 single-byte output values. Each character in the table corresponds to one input code point, X'00' through X'FF'. The byte value of the character that is found in the location corresponding to the input code point value is the output code point.

In the example shown in Figure 54a, to find the output code point for the input code point X'53', we look at offset X’53’ in the record. (The first position is offset X’00’ and the final position is offset X’FF’.) The value that we find at offset X’53’ is the corresponding output code point. In this example it is X'67'.

These tables are the standard distribution and storage format of CDRA.

Figure 54a. Single-byte to Single-byte Conversion


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