Character Data Representation Architecture

Character Data Representation Architecture (CDRA) is an IBM architecture which defines a set of identifiers, resources and APIs for the purpose of identifying character data and maintaining data integrity during data conversion processes. The reference publication provides the reader with the framework for the identifiers, descriptions of the supporting resources and APIs, as well as methods for data conversions. CDRA is applicable to country specific data encodings such as the ISO-8859 series as well as large character sets such as Unicode.

Edition Notice: Updated in 2013 including additional encoding schemes, improved Unicode and GB18030 information as well as updated figures. This document is a revised, on-line version of the IBM publication, CDRA Reference and Registry - SC09-2190-00 (Dec 1995). This version of the document contains many typographical and editorial corrections. A section on the Unicode Encoding Structure has been added in Appendix A. Also, Appendix K has been added to document the CDRA identifiers defined in support of Unicode. Likewise Appendix J, has been updated with information on how to obtain CDRA conversion table resources on-line.


Architecture Definition