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WebSphere Commerce Library


Conducting Marketing Experiments

Perform A/B testing and other marketing experiments with different advertisements on a web and mobile store pages.

Last updated: 10 Aug 2012

Creating Event-Based Customer Dialogs

From abandoned shopping carts to customer birthdays, learn how to create event-triggered customer communications including emails, discounts and more.

Last updated: 10 Aug 2012

Creating Merchandising Associations

Create merchandising associations to cross-sell complementary products and accessories.

Last updated: 10 Aug 2012

Creating Sales Catalogs

Build new sales catalogs, assortments and categories to present your products in multiple ways.

Last updated: 10 Aug 2012

Creating Web Advertisements

Create personalized advertisements across web and mobile channels for different segments of your customers.

Last updated: 10 Aug 2012

Managing new products

Generate SKUs, merchandising associations and upload product information and content.

Last updated: 10 Aug 2012

Cross-Channel Selling in Action!

Offer a selling experience that allows your customers to browse anywhere, buy anywhere and pick-up anywhere from Web, mobile and social to kiosk, call center and resellers.

Last updated: 26 Jul 2012

White papers 

IBM Digital Analytics for WebSphere Commerce

Combining state-of-the-art analytics and e-commerce, means businesses can target customer communications quickly across multiple channels.

Last updated: 10 Aug 2012

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