Adding clicks to bricks for David Jones. Watch the video (00:03:05)

Adding clicks to bricks for David Jones

Help your customers do business with you whenever, wherever and however they please. IBM Commerce and Omni-Channel Retailing solutions help you provide a seamless, personalized brand experience whether the customer shops on the Web, in the store, over the phone, using a mobile device or all of the above. Not only can you create a next-generation Web channel, you can leverage the Web to improve revenues and customer service in all channels.

Omni-channel commerce products

  • WebSphere Commerce

    WebSphere Commerce

    A powerful, flexible solution built on a unified platform for running business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce sites for global businesses. It supports multiple sites, complex direct and indirect business models, contractual agreements, dynamic negotiations and role-based member management.

  • Sterling Order Management

    Sterling Order Management

    A powerful solution for providing a single view of supply and demand, and orchestrating order fulfillment processes across all channels of customer interaction. IBM Order Management helps brands make better decisions about how to promise and fulfill customer orders, resulting in improved profitability and customer satisfaction.

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