Marketing tools for e-commerce help businesses engage in ongoing, compelling and individual dialogs with customers. Management Center for IBM WebSphere Commerce provides this capability, allowing business users to centrally control and manage all catalog content, targeted marketing and promotions across web, mobile, contact center, kiosk and point-of-sale touchpoints. By integrating e-commerce and precision marketing environments business users no longer have to rely on IT to support marketing campaigns, promotions and catalog modifications.

IBM also offers IBM Marketing Center, a cloud-based solution that extends precision marketing to WebSphere Commerce. IBM Marketing Center provides marketers with additional capability to personalize marketing and dynamically target customers all based on powerful digital analytics. As a hosted solution, IBM Marketing Center virtually eliminates the need for IT to manage and execute campaigns and delivers enhanced list management and email marketing capabilities.

Marketing Tools

IBM precision marketing capabilities extend WebSphere Commerce, enabling marketing managers to maximize the value of all consumer and business relationships by offering powerful yet intuitive tools that deliver highly personalized campaigns, advertisements, and e-mails while measuring the effectiveness of each initiative.

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Display advertisements and promotions on store pages

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Send e-mails to customers that placed orders

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Perform A/B testing with two advertisements on a store page

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Merchandising Tools

IBM WebSphere Commerce enables merchandisers to maximize sales revenue and profitability by providing tools that give them the ability to optimize the promotion, packaging, categorization and sales of individual products, categories, and brands.

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Generate SKUs, merchandising associations and upload catalog data.

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Build new sales catalogs, assortments and categories

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Create merchandising associations to cross-sell complementary products

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Marketing Features

IBM Management Center for WebSphere Commerce

A/B Testing enables you to test the effectiveness of site content, marketing campaigns, navigation and other aspects of an e-commerce site

Search Optimization provides functionality as well as guidelines to help improve the results of search engine indexing. Integration with starter stores and product catalogs allow for quick and easy deployment of search capabilities.

Campaign Management enables the development, targeting, execution and measurement of targeted campaigns

Email Marketing enables the creation and management of lists and the email delivery of news and promotions to targeted customer segments
Customer Segmentation and Profiling capabilities offer the ability to segment or classify customers into static or dynamic groups

Advertisement Capabilities allow marketing managers to inform customers with text and graphics of certain events or create awareness for specific offerings

Rules-Based Personalization capabilities provide a powerful rules engine that enables the execution of targeted marketing initiatives based on various customer actions

Closed-Loop Marketing Analysis capabilities provide the ability to measure and understand the effectiveness of marketing initiatives and customer trends

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Merchandising Features

IBM Management Center for WebSphere Commerce