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IBM Gift Center for WebSphere Commerce


Nearly two-thirds of consumers buy gifts from gift registries, both online and offline. Over half of gift registrants say it is important to manage their gift registries online.

IBM Gift Center for WebSphere Commerce a feature of WebSphere Commerce that provides a complete multi-channel gift registry solution. It can operate as a Web-only gift registry, integrate with an existing back-end registry system or stand on its own as a centralized cross-channel solution. It leverages the marketing and merchandising capabilities of WebSphere Commerce and provides integration points to your point of sale (POS) system, store kiosk, and scanning devices. Test the effectiveness of site content, marketing campaigns, navigation and other aspects of an e-commerce site to maximize sales and marketing effectiveness and identify new revenue opportunities.

Gift Center key features include:

Benefits of Gift Center:

How to purchase Gift Center for WebSphere Commerce
Gift Center feature for online gift registries on the web is included in the base licenses; WebSphere Commerce Professional and Enterprise.

To deploy IBM Gift Center for WebSphere Commerce in physical stores (for example, on kiosks or through a gift registry consultant, or integrations with point-of-sale (POS) system, and scanning devices) .IBM continues to offer the Gift Center for IBM WebSphere Commerce for the store (25 packs). Each license (25 pack) entitles customers to deploy Gift Center for WebSphere Commerce in up to 25 physical stores. IBM Gift Center for WebSphere Commerce is not available for the IBM WebSphere Commerce Express offering.

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