Create unique microsites and subsites to serve different brands, regions or business models

Selling through multiple microsites and subsites to different customer segments or markets is easy with the Extended Sites business model in IBM WebSphere Commerce. This model enables you to offer your customers unique buying experiences by featuring separate e-commerce microsites (or subsites) based on your different brands, customer segments and or geographical marketplaces.

IBM WebSphere Commerce Extended Sites allows each site to have a unique look-and-feel, business rules and policies unique to each set of customers, like special pricing, promotions and product entitlement. Each unique e-commerce microsite relies on a common set of assets and coexists on the same infrastructure, sharing as much data and business logic as possible to ease operation and management.


The Extended Sites capability of IBM WebSphere Commerce supports multiple business model types.

Share your catalog, marketing, and promotions across these microsites or only display a subset based on your choosing. You can reuse images and design and differentiate each website by unique style, appropriate features such as wish lists, and separate flows such as your checkout process.

You can also use extended sites capabilities to enable your downstream channel partners to create and manage their own e-commerce microsites with easy-to-use, Web-based tools. You can control site presentation as well as catalog content, or you can allow your partners to customize their e-commerce sites and catalogs.

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Extended Sites Overview – Part 1

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