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Learn how to build your own cognitive business by combining digital intelligence with digital business. With 1,500 business and technical leadership sessions, hundreds of immersive cognitive experiences, 200+ hands-on labs and certifications, speeches from the world’s sharpest minds, and one massive Chairman’s Keynote event with Ginni Rometty, World of Watson will give you all the building blocks you need to construct the perfect cognitive business for you and your customers.

Apply the latest in data science and advanced analytics techniques to reveal unexpected insights. Starting on Monday, you’ll have the unprecedented opportunity to dive deep into the hottest trends in data and analytics with expert talks from IBM and industry leaders, 200+ hands-on labs, certifications, and workshops. Take these experiences forward with you into the Tuesday Keynote with Bob Picciano, where you’ll learn how Watson, data, and analytics are all working together to solve the world’s most vexing problems.

The way that humans and machines work together is fundamentally changing—enhancing the way we experience the world around us. Right now, this new relationship is taking place through the integration of artificial intelligence into commerce solutions, the Internet of Things, and countless other technologies, but what about the future? Attend hundreds of inspiring talks featuring the world’s leading minds to see how AI is manifesting itself in new and exciting ways every day and what those advances mean for you, your business, and your customers.

Create exciting new innovations through the application of modern data architecture, the integration of intelligent APIs, and the utilization of your unstructured data. World of Watson will offer attendees a fully immersive cognitive experience from beginning to end, and you can learn how to build these kinds of experiences for your customers through in-depth demos, intensive educational sessions, and hundreds of unique activations that allow you to try out the latest cognitive solutions and develop your own.

Featured topics

Advanced Analytics

Find insights to outthink limitations and redefine what is possible with Advanced Analytics. Get the practical know-how to uncover knowledge from data more effectively -- from business intelligence and data discovery to predictive, prescriptive and streaming analytics. Whether you’re a business or analytics leader, learn how to drive smarter insight and real-time actions for transformational change. Additional topics include: The Weather Company Analytics Solutions, IBM Analytics for Apache Spark and IBM Data Science Experience.

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence elevates decision making from acquisition of information through analysis, collaboration and presentation. Cognos Analytics further modernizes business intelligence with guided and intuitive features to advance self-service needs for users alongside scalability and governance for IT requirements. Smart data discovery from Watson Analytics helps accelerate the journey to cognitive and promise of bimodal IT.


Data Discovery

Watson Analytics offers you the benefits of advanced analytics without the complexity. As a smart, cloud-based data discovery service, it guides data exploration, automates predictive analytics and enables effortless dashboard and infographic creation. You can get the answers and insights you need in minutes – all on your own.


Predictive Analytics

SPSS predictive analytics helps organizations predict outcomes with confidence and make better business decisions. The platform supports any type or size of data, provides advanced analytics techniques, and can deploy actionable insights to people and systems. It supports all roles and skill levels on cloud, on premises and as a hybrid.


Prescriptive Analytics

Prescriptive analytics creates value through synergy with predictive analytics by taking a predicted future outcome to the next level with suggestions on the optimal way to handle that future situation. IBM Decision Optimization recommends actions based on desired outcomes, taking into account specific scenarios, resources and knowledge of past and current events.


Streaming Analytics

Streaming analytics continuously analyzes data and connects to all data sources. IBM Streaming Analytics offers a complete solution with a development environment, runtime and analytics toolkits such as natural language processing, image and voice recognition, and spatial temporal analysis. With Streaming Analytics, organizations can capture data and enable intelligent applications so they can spot opportunities and risks sooner and be faster than the competition.


The Weather Company Solutions

Weather profoundly impacts nearly every industry. Thanks to application of advanced analytics to the world’s most accurate and precise weather data, leading organizations are moving from a “cope and avoid” mindset to “anticipate and execute.” IBM and The Weather Company apply advanced analytics and data science to weather and other data sources to deliver actionable insights as a service without the investment and overhead of traditional methods.


IBM Analytics for Apache Spark

IBM enables you to get the benefits of Apache Spark via our fully managed Spark Service on Bluemix. It provides all of the capabilities and rich features found in an on-premises Spark deployment without the cost and complexity of managing infrastructure or complex components.


IBM Data Science Experience

The Data Science Experience is a first-of-a-kind cloud development environment where everyone can master the art of data science. It consolidates open-source tools and includes IBM innovations for an interactive experience where data scientists can improve their own skills, find new insights faster and create powerful cognitive applications.


Analytics for Business

Learn how IBM solutions and services help companies and public sector organizations in virtually any industry manage essential business processes in finance, sales management, and riskmanagement. Sessions in this topic show how data science and advanced analytics can reveal unexpected insights and drive success in the cognitive era. In addition, IBM Global Business Services has the first cognitive consulting practice, integrating cognitive with business strategy, experience design, domain expertise and deep industry experience to help clients start their journey from digital business to becoming a cognitive enterprise.

Financial & Operational Performance Management

Learn how IBM solutions improve core financial and operational performance management processes, such as planning, budgeting, forecasting, financial consolidation, and management and regulatory reporting. See how leaders in the cognitive era can align financial plans with corporate objectives linked to operational tactics and market events, to steer business performance effectively.


Sales Performance Management

Learn how sales performance management (SPM) solutions from IBM help organizations improve sales results and drive operational efficiencies. See how better management of incentive compensation plans, and more efficient administration of sales territories and quotas enables sales teams to focus on seeking out new customers and expanding revenue opportunities.


Risk Management

Learn how integrated risk management solutions from IBM help organizations identify risks and meet constantly evolving regulatory demands. See how a cognitive approach helps build a more risk-aware culture by expanding everyone's expertise and enablingboth systems and people to learn and adapt continuously.



IBM redefines everyday work to help organizations empower people with the ability to find, connect and work with the right experts; speed access to relevant content and insights; and provide the time and space to work simply and together.


  • Work With Watson

  • Read how Mears Group uses IBM Connections Cloud and Watson Analytics to drive social & cognitive success across their home repair and elder in-home care business for hundreds of thousands of customers across the UK.

    "With IBM solutions - Connections Cloud and Watson Anaytics] a 96% shorter time-to-insight has been achieved"

  • A Win over Microsoft! Constance Hotels & Resorts, with luxury resorts that span multiple islands in the Indian Ocean, chose IBM Connections Cloud & Verse over Microsoft O365 and is now empowering its employees to deliver exceptional hospitality experiences to their customers.

    “In addition to Connections Cloud..] Another aspect of the IBM offering that impressed us was the IBM Verse email solution. Because Verse is powered by a cognitive computing engine, it can surface the most relevant information automatically—enabling our people to see urgent items that need their attention as soon as they log in.”


IBM helps Marketing, Selling and Merchandising and Supply Chain professionals make faster, more informed decisions to confidently drive results. By embedding cognitive systems into leading solutions from IBM and partners, clients can take advantage of new insights into human behavior and emotion without requiring new skills. Learn how to elevate your team's expertise and become a cognitive business!

Data Integration and Governance

Agile data integration and governance enable users with the trusted data and analytics needed to transform business. IBM helps you discover, transform, integrate and govern data from all sources and deliver it in a trusted, compliant manner. Learn how organizations are spending less time finding data and more time acting upon it. Capabilities include: Information Integration, Governance & Quality, Master Data Management, Information Lifecycle Governance, and Data Security & Privacy.

Data Management

Data management solutions help you achieve insight from analytics by managing data across multiple workloads, while reducing costs. IBM offers deployment options across on-premise, cloud and hybrid environments with common engines that enable portability, flexibility and leverage open source. Join us to learn how to build a modern data architecture.

Enterprise Content Management

Business content has become a key differentiator at every level of the business. New analytics capabilities reveal added dimension while cloud and mobile deployments have made access to content immediate and ubiquitous. With Line of Business executives increasingly driving adoption, IBM ECM/Content Services focuses on helping organizations improve customer centricity, business agility and collaboration.

Case Management

Case Management unifies content-centric work through role-based dashboards, checklists, and search tools, cloud collaboration and flexible workflow, and when each case is concluded, provides a legal record with complete audit trail. World of Watson sessions will feature case solutions that incorporate analytics, electronic signature tools, and cloud/mobile deployments that create new business value.

Capture and Imaging

Capture and Imaging technologies have been transformed with Watson and other analytics tools to create Cognitive Capture that can “understand” documents like humans do for increased business agility and deeper customer engagement. Sessions at World of Watson will show how capture improves healthcare, compliance, and customer centricity. Mobile capture puts intelligent document input in the hands of customers to improve customer centricity.

Box – Cloud Collaboration

With the addition of the Box partnership in 2015, IBM greatly expanded its ecosystem beyond its traditional on-prem content management core expertise. Now clients are extending secure, cloud-based content collaboration to agents, partners, dispersed teams and even customers to create new business cases for ECM and new revenue opportunities.

Mobile Content Solutions

Organizations in every industry are building content solutions for the mobile device to keep business processes moving forward while workers are out of the office, to empower customers to submit documents on demand, and to improve collaboration among teams no matter where they are.

Cloud Content Solutions

Gartner predicts that by 2018, 50% of enterprises will be managing their content using a hybrid content architecture. 2016 has seen a massive push among ECM clients to migrate existing solutions to the cloud and create new applications. World of Watson will feature a number of organizations who have begun this shirt sharing strategies, best practices, and lessons learned.

Platform Solutions

More and more organizations have built integrated solutions on IBM’s industry leading ECM platforms to create differentiated value, build new business models, and extend content capabilities in new directions. World of Watson will feature the world’s leading organizations showing off the new vision for ECM that they have realized.

Content Insight with Analytics and Watson

Organizations are applying Watson and a variety of analytical tools to create predictive case management, support deep investigations, enhance compliance, maintain security and heighten collaboration. Soon analytics will be used in every business solution in the enterprise; come see the leading edge of what is possible.

Featured Sessions

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is fundamentally changing the way businesses create value, companies compete and partner, and consumers experience the world. IBM provides a portfolio that enables organizations to do everything from building IoT applications, to solving specific business problems, to transforming their business models and industries. At the World of Watson,learn how leading organizations are applyingIoT technologies to demonstrate the here-and-now, the art of the possible, and the pathways to get there, including:

  • Watson IoT Platform
  • Predictive Maintenance, Quality and Warranty
  • IoT for Industry
  • Edge Analytics
  • Blockchain
  • IoT and Weather

IT Infrastructure

Designing for a cognitive business requires IT infrastructure that gives meaning to unstructured and dark data when the window of action is milliseconds. Accelerate time to insights with servers and storage deliberately designed for data. Become the architects of the future with IT infrastructure for the cognitive era.


IBM Watson represents a new partnership between people and computers that enhances, scales and accelerates human expertise. Watson technologies and solutions enable you to create knowledge from data to expand virtually everyone’s expertise, continually learning and adapting to outthink the needs of the market. Watson helps organizations to answer their customers’ most pressing questions, quickly extract key information from all documents, and reveal insights, patterns and relationships across data. The results: fast decisions, made with more confidence. Learn how to start your cognitive journey to solve the problems you are facing today in entirely new ways.

Watson Developer Cloud

The Watson Developer Cloud puts the power of cognitive computing at your fingertips. Access a full suite of cognitive technologies—from speech to language to vision to reasoning—all powered by the latest advancements in machine learning and in use by over 525+ partners in 20 industries, across 45 countries. Use an array of software development kits, code examples, and tooling created for developers, by developers, to accelerate application development and guide you to success.

Watson Explorer

Watson Explorer combines cloud-based enterprise search and advanced analytics with unique cognitive computing capabilities to connect data across silos and provide a unified view of critical insights, in context. By fully leveraging Watson’s ability to mine both structured and unstructured data, Explorer helps employees, across teams, make better business decisions, scale human expertise, drive ROI and remain competitive in a data-driven marketplace.

Watson Engagement Advisor

Your customers want answers. When they want support, they want it on their terms - quickly and easily. Watson Engagement Advisor lets you build sophisticated chatbots and virtual agents that allow your customers to ask questions in natural language and get answers fast. Watson Engagement Advisor can be easily deployed on any channel - web, mobile, messaging apps - even a robot!

Watson Knowledge Studio

Watson Knowledge Studio enables subject matter experts and developers to teach Watson the unique language of industries and knowledge domains by applying machine learning, without the need to write code.

Watson Company Analyzer

Quickly digest current, complete company profiles and peer comparisons from structured and unstructured data collected, analyzed and synthesized by Watson.  Watson reads and analyzes recent news articles and data from multiple data sources, enabling your team to build strategic business relationships. Using Watson Company Analyzer, you can accelerate the best opportunities with more efficiency, quality, speed and deeper learning.


Business leaders in every industry are finding that the use of data and analytics and technologies like Watson and the Internet of Things, along with enablement platforms like Social, Mobile and Cloud, can redefine their organizations and help them to become more competitive and effective. The journey to becoming a cognitive business has never been more attainable. Come learn how leaders from around the world are transforming their organizations and their professions. Look for the industry tags when you build out your personal conference agenda.


Business leaders in every industry are finding that the use of data and analytics and technologies like Watson and the Internet of Things, along with enablement platforms like Social, Mobile and Cloud, can redefine their organizations and help them to become more competitive and effective. The journey to becoming a cognitive business has never been more attainable. Come learn how leaders from around the world are transforming their organizations and their professions. Look for the industry tags when you build out your personal conference agenda.


The cognitive era is reshaping government. Speakers from a wide range of government organizations will present their cognitive journey. For example, Miami-Dade County, Florida is improving citizen engagement and service. Citizen-facing employees now have tools to answer the complex questions with Watson, providing a rapid, single access point to reference data related to laws, regulations, policies, benefits, etc. Use the tag “government_industry” to build your agenda.


At World of Watson, you can hear leading healthcare providers and payers share their latest innovations: Seattle Children’s Hospital improves clinical outcomes for pediatric populations; Rochester Regional Health predicts length of stay to optimize utilization and scheduling; Arthritis Research UK provides access to the best advice and accelerates the research process; Medtronic and IBM help diabetics with actionable insights; University of Osnabruck, Germany creates a system to provide real-time prediction of flu infections. Use the tag “healthcare_industry” to build your agenda.


This year's Telecommunications industry sessions will feature service providers across the globe including AT&T, Telenet (Belgium), Telecom Argentina, and Orange (France), among others. These customers will talk about call center transformation, customer and network analytics, subscriber segmentation, profiling and enrichment, real-time and predictive marketing offers — all powered by Watson and advanced analytics industry solutions. Find out what all is available by using the tag “telecom_industry” as you build your personal agenda.


At World of Watson 2016, you will have the opportunity to join engaging sessions focused on Banking, Financial Markets and Wealth Management. Companies like Wells Fargo, Northern Trust, and FirstData will discuss integrating analytics and cognitive capabilities into business processes for better customer service, new revenue generation, cost reduction, and improved governance, risk and compliance management. You will learn how cognitive computing capabilities and sophisticated analytics can be leveraged in various deployment models. Find out what sessions are available by using the following tags banking_industry, financialmarkets_industry, wealthmanagement_industry as you build your personal agenda.


This year's insurance sessions will feature customers like, Nationwide, British Columbia Automobile Association. These customers will talk about the smart home as part of the Internet of Things ecosystem, cloud implementation strategies, customer insight using cognitive capabilities and advanced analytics, call center robotics, fraud and much more. Find out what all is available by using the tag “insurance_industry” as you build your personal agenda.

Consumer Products

At World of Watson you can join engaging sessions with great Consumer Products companies. Attendees will learn how cognitive computing capabilities can be leveraged in our industry by some of the world’s best marketers. In this cognitive era, as we are building computers to emulate human thinking, it becomes imperative to teach them how to understand a consumer’s personality and provide a personalized brand experience. This is where advanced analytics meets real-world applications that your organization can implement. Please learn what sessions are available by using the tag “consumer_products_industry”as you build your personal agenda.


World of Watson will provide multiple opportunities to join innovative sessions with leading Retail organizations, including 1-800 Flowers and StatSocial, among others. These sessions will define the cognitive journey retailers are taking and the lessons learned along the way. You will see how a thorough strategy roadmap can make a major measurable impact in the effectiveness of executing a large-scale, multi-system implementation starting from a single project. See how retailers, large and small, can make a seamless shopping experience via cognitive capabilities. Please learn what sessions are available by using the tag “retail_industry” as you build your personal agenda.

Media and Entertainment

For 2016, World of Watson will highlight solutions focused on the Media and Entertainment Industry. Come and hear how Watson powers Customer insights in order to deliver a personalized experience. Customers will speak on IBM Marketing Cloud, Behavior-Based Audience Insights and Social Media Insights. Find out what is in store by using the “media_and_entertainment_industry” tag when you build your agenda.

Travel and Transportation

Explore from clients including Korean Airlines  and many others on how Watson is helping innovate aircraft maintenance and real-time traffic, offer personalization, and enhanced guest experiences for the Travel and Transportation industry. As Watson continues to learn and evolve with new analytical models, languages and capabilities, embark with us to evaluate existing industry offerings, while envisioning an art of the possible vision for the future. Wrap up your experience by engaging us on your most pressing pain points and discover how cognitive can make an immediate and valuable impact on your organization. Use the tag “travel_and_transportation_industry” to start building your conference agenda.


The World of Watson will feature many client sessions from the Education Industry focused on student retention, cognitive capabilities and personalized learning. You will hear from Madison College and Michigan State University as examples utilizing IBM Analytics and Watson solutions to build predictive analytics models to improve student and institution results. The ability to develop models as predictors of desired outcomes is proving highly beneficial for education systems that are trying to make sense of all the available data. Look for the “education_industry” tag when you build out your personal conference agenda.

Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino

The Mandalay Bay is a deluxe, tropically themed luxury resort with mystical architecture and lush surroundings. The resort is set on 60 acres south of Luxor on the Strip. Hotel amenities include: Wheelchair access; room service; fifteen restaurants including House of the Blues; casino; many lounges and bars; and valet parking. The 11-acre sand-and-surf beach features three swimming pools, a lazy river, wave pool, cabanas, an outdoor performance stage, two restaurants, poolside pampering at the seasonal Moorea Beach Club. Our 30,000-square-foot Spa Mandalay offers massages, beauty treatments, and a salon. A perfect night's sleep-that's what we sought to create with our newly remodeled Mandalay Bay rooms and suites. The theme here is casual elegance (designed by Anita Brooks) and comfort. Lofty pillow topped beds, triple high-thread count sheets, warm textiles in pleasing tones feature climate control, cable TV, dual line data port telephone, alarm clock, hair dryer, separate tub/shower, iron and ironing board, bathrobe, and floor-to-ceiling window and 42" plasma TVs create the perfect environment for effortless relaxation or sweet dreams. From the uninhibited to the unconventional, Mandalay Bay offers some of the most unique experiences on the planet — all without the expense of an around-the-world trip.

Non-Smoking Guestrooms - Limited smoking rooms based on availability at check in.


Delano Las Vegas fuses personalized service with a high-end design concept. The resort evokes luxury with an unexpected touch of individuality, creating an intimate experience within the grand 43-story golden tower at Mandalay Bay Resort Complex. Defined by style and sophistication, Delano Las Vegas brings a world class resort to the famed Las Vegas Strip, appealing to the most discerning travelers from around the globe. Delano is a non-smoking hotel.

Non-Smoking Property

Four Seasons

On the iconic Las Vegas strip, Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas’ Art-Deco inspired guest rooms reflect the energy and excitement of one of the world’s most vibrant cities. The Hotel offers direct access to the adjacent Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino and the city’s nightlife and entertainment. Four Seasons is a non-smoking hotel.

Non-Smoking Property


How many times in your life will you be able to say you stayed and played in a pyramid? Luxor features comfortable and spacious accommodations ranging from standard rooms to extravagant suites. Plus, Luxor offers everything you’d expect from a Las Vegas hotel – from fabulous entertainment and dining, to non-stop Las Vegas casino action.

Non-Smoking All Guestrooms


Stay in royal accommodations in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. Excalibur offers everything you’d expect from a Las Vegas hotel – from dining and entertainment, to non-stop Las Vegas casino action.

Non-Smoking All Guestrooms

New York, New York

New York-New York Hotel & Casino features 12 New York-style skyscrapers showcasing 2,023 guest rooms and suites. Replicas of the Statue of Liberty and Brooklyn Bridge are just a few of the Big Apple inspired landmarks. This city within a city boasts enticing entertainment including the Cirque du Soleil® production, Zumanity and the live music extravaganza, the Broadway Theater. There is fun around every corner with the thrilling Roller Coaster and dueling pianos of Bar at Times Square. There are tantalizing restaurants such as Gallagher's Steakhouse, Il Fornaio and the authentic pub, Nine Fine Irishmen. Additionally, New York-New York offers more than 24,000 square feet of meeting space and a rejuvenating spa and salon.

Non-Smoking All Guestrooms

MGM Grand

The MGM Grand truly lives up to our name, not only in sheer size, but also in vast offerings. Located at one of the busiest intersections in Las Vegas, MGM Grand provides a world of entertainment, dining and unwinding – both day and night. The grandness starts outside, with the 100,000-pound, 45-foot-tall bronze lion statue perched atop a 25-foot pedestal where the $1 billion resort meets the Strip. LED screens, water fountains and lush landscaping surround the lion – the largest bronze statue in the U.S. The adventure continues inside, where guests will find 5,044 rooms in four 30-story towers, more than a dozen restaurants and more than 170,000 square feet of gaming. There is even the convenience of tourist attractions on site, a television studio (CBS Television City Research Center) and a water park (1,000 foot long lazy river at the 27,000-square-foot pool complex). Accommodations are as varied as the rest of the property’s offerings. Entering the MGM Grand, visitors are immersed in the glamour and excitement of sophisticated shows, gourmet dining, hip nightlife, a relaxing pool and spa, and much more.

Non-Smoking All Guestrooms

Signature at MGM Grand

Luxury welcomes you the moment you enter our gated driveway and our intimate lobbies. It's in the details of your lavish suite, at our intimate swimming pool and state-of-the-art fitness center. Our premier concierge service will organize gourmet in-suite dining while you enjoy breathtaking balcony views. Just steps from the excitement of MGM Grand lies the oasis of a secluded retreat. The three exclusive suite-filled towers at The Signature at MGM Grand provide guests with unparalleled luxury and personal service, all within a non-gaming and non-smoking environment. Staying at The Signature is like coming home to a luxury oasis. From limitless dining choices to a refreshing cabana-lined pool, you will want for nothing. Let our Concierge take care of your every need and desire. The Signature offers the added convenience of satellite registration/hotel check-in at the Las Vegas McCarran International Airport. Located in the south baggage claim near carousels 1 and 2. You can check in and receive your room keys while waiting for your luggage.

Non-Smoking Property

Aria Resort & Casino

In the heart of the Las Vegas Strip, the award-winning Aria Resort & Casino at CityCenter offers it all, from high-tech guestrooms and world-class dining from celebrated chefs, to enthralling entertainment and upscale shopping. The full-service spa features massage and treatment rooms. In addition to an outdoor pool, this luxury hotel provides fitness facilities, a spa tub, a sauna, and a steam room. Aria Resort & Casino at CityCenter also offers a casino, a bar/lounge, and a nightclub. The Aria Resort has designated areas for smoking (fines may apply for smoking in non-smoking areas).

Vdara Hotel & Spa

This all-suite, non-gaming, eco-friendly, smoke-free CityCenter resort is steps away from Aria Resort and Casino, and connected to the Bellagio. Suites at Vdara offer flat-panel televisions and complimentary high-speed wireless Internet access. Kitchens include refrigerators, stovetops, and microwaves. All rooms have king beds with pull out sofas. The Aria Express tram connects the property to other facilities within the complex. A restaurant and lobby bar are located on site. This Las Vegas resort also offers a fitness center, luxury spa, gift shop and newsstand, and a concierge desk. Limo service is available. Vdara Hotel & Spa is a smoke-free property.

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