Lead in the Insight Economy

Fueled by data and analytics, a new economy built on insight is emerging. In this economy, insight is the basis for value creation and growth. It is powered by a new generation of individuals and breed of organizations who are innovating to gain competitive advantage. Organizations that succeed in this economy leverage insight to create new business models and transform their industries. They empower everyone to build an insight-driven culture that thrives. And most importantly, they disrupt entire marketplaces by reshaping the boundaries of what’s possible. How will you lead in the Insight Economy?


Monday: Leave no problem unsolved – transform your industry

october 26th

8:30 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.

Mandalay Bay Event Center

In the Insight Economy every organization can change the game for customers and on competitors by pushing the boundaries of their industry. Driven by the ability to seize insight from data, new business models are emerging creating new industries that didn’t previously exist. Discover how insight can help you spot new revenue opportunities, innovate faster and solve every problem in your industry.

Day One Speakers

Jake Porway
Founder and Executive Director

Bob Picciano
SVP Analytics

Laurent Borne
General Manager Connected Appliances

Aaron Levie
Founder & CEO

Mike Rhodin
SVP Watson

Raj Singh
Founder & CEO

Amy Gross
CEO & Founder

Chris Moody
VP Data Strategy

Mike Weaver
Group Director, Data Strategy
The Coca-Cola Company

David Kenny
The Weather Company

Jack McMaster
President Preparedness, Health & Safety Services
American Red Cross

Inhi Cho Suh
VP Strategy & Business Development
IBM Analytics


Tuesday: Run your perfect race – empower yourself

october 27th

8:30 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.

Mandalay Bay Event Center

Organizations building an insight-driven culture based on the science of data can change the way work gets done and how decisions are made. In the Insight Economy you can enable everyone to act faster, ask more questions and think creatively about the best ways to innovate for growth. Explore how insight from cloud-based, self-service apps and open source innovations can be infused into every action your organization takes.

Day Two Speakers

Nancy Bailey
Vice President

Shanker Ramamurthy
Global Managing Partner

Derek Schoettle
GM Cloud Data Services

Doug Balog
General Manager, Power Systems

Seth Shostak
Sr. Astronomer and Director
SETI Research

Edd Dumbill
Silicon Valley Data Science

Ramona Pierson

Beth Smith
General Manager, Analytic Platform

Mark Lack
Manager, Strategy Analytics & Business Intelligence

Peter O’Leary
Ottawa Senators

Alistair Rennie
General Manager, Solutions


Wednesday: Make your mark – disrupt your marketplace

october 28th

8:30 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.

Mandalay Bay Event Center

Thanks to the latest technology shifts and pervasive insights in the Insight Economy, marketplace changes are happening more frequently and are maturing faster. Organizations can now reinvent themselves to offer new services, reach new audiences and change the business landscape to their advantage. Join today’s guest speakers to hear what it means to be a leader who has disrupted marketplaces. And learn what you can do to be an agent of change in your business.

Day Three Speakers

Jake Porway
Founder and Executive Director

Fredi Lajvardi
Nationally Recognized STEM Educator & Subject of the Critically Acclaimed Documentary, Underwater Dreams, and Major Motion Picture, Spare Parts

Elle Shelley
Chief Marketing Officer
Local Motors

Ron Howard

Brian Grazer


Business & Industry

Why your strategy doesn’t work anymore – Digital reinvention lessons from the C-suite

Monday, 10:30am-11:30am

Mandalay Ballroom

Technology forces are creating new experiences and disrupting operating models. Competitors are coming from unexpected places. Strategies that have been solid for years need to turn on a dime. Your business model simply doesn’t work anymore. Stay ahead of the disruption curve and apply digital reinvention strategies to drive growth, transform customer experiences, manage risks, and increase collaboration. IBM conducted over 4400 face to face interviews with CxOs from around the world. Hear first-hand how executives are transforming the way they do business and capitalizing on advanced technologies to stay ahead of the competition.

Data Management

Meeting the challenges of ground to cloud data management

Monday, 1:00pm-2:00pm

Mandalay Ballroom

Data is everywhere and in all forms. Your users require higher availability, greater agility and more self-service. Hadoop and cloud technologies are making their way into architecture decisions and your data center. Is your head spinning yet? How do you react? IBM presents the common challenges for data management. Competing in the insight economy requires a hybrid data management strategy where data can be leveraged in all forms and all locations to drive competitive advantage. Come hear how IBM is helping clients solve these challenges.

Advanced Analytics

Meaningful insights. Right time action. Opportunity realized.

Monday, 2:30pm-3:30pm

Mandalay Ballroom

The secret to competing in the Insight Economy is advanced analytics. Designed to take advantage of recent advances in big data, open source and cloud, advanced analytics deliver meaningful insights that guide right time action. They can help you identify and seize opportunity while protecting you from business risk. Join this session to see how IBM is putting more analytic power in the hands of the business and making it easier on IT. Better analytics across the spectrum of deployment models and data scale enable insights to be embedded into everyday actions to drive transformation.


Maximize Digital Business with Cloud, Data and Mobile

Monday, 4:30pm-5:30pm

Mandalay Ballroom

Cloud enables businesses to accelerate their digital transformation, but it can also introduce new challenges. To capitalize on mobile, cognitive and analytics, organizations must be able to use data, applications and services seamlessly across hybrid environments with speed, flexibility and security. Tomorrow's leaders are taking advantage of this new digital innovation platform to maximize their ability to create value. In this session, learn how hybrid cloud can accelerate your digital transformation by unlocking new data insights to deliver the mobile enterprise.

Hadoop & Spark

Get Ahead of the Pack with Fast Deployment of Data-Driven Solutions

Tuesday, 10:30am-11:30am

Mandalay Ballroom

Data-driven solutions are powerful, not because they access data but because they are built on sophisticated analysis. Organizations can drive more adaptive solutions by combining data, design and innovation with Apache Spark, Hadoop, and Streams. Learn how your organization can create a new blueprint for success. Hadoop, Spark and Streams are critical in the insight economy and among the fastest growing technologies for data science.

Content Management

Smarter content, smarter people – An investigation into the power of content

Tuesday, 1:00pm-2:00pm

Mandalay Ballroom

Business content is expanding rapidly to include video, audio, and social media and IBM’s ECM business content solutions understand all types of content … extracting relevance, and putting insight to work to achieve the best business outcomes in the Insight Economy. New ECM mobile and cloud capabilities have created a world where content can be available anywhere on any device – to satisfy a customer, solve an investigation, design a product, or manage a business critical process. Watch ECM put content to work in a unique presentation that combines live theater with software solutions solving real world problems and join our special guests who will show us how IBM is shaping the future of the $7 Billion content industry.


What will you do with Watson?

Tuesday, 2:30pm-3:30pm

Mandalay Ballroom

Imagine a world where information presented itself at the point of possibility, decisions were made with all available evidence, and the expertise of your entire organization was available on demand. Where you could be more creative, be a better employee, and have a better quality of life.

Imagine the world of Watson.

Watson has been learning fast – understanding new languages, gaining the ability to see, and tackling a massively diverse set of domains. Join IBM Watson, our clients and partners in a showcase of just how far Watson has come since its IBM Insight debut in 2014. See demonstrations of transformative applications, get an inside look at what is next for cognitive computing, and learn how you can be the next IBM Watson success.

Super Sessions


Context is King: How Mobility is Changing the Game in the Insight Economy

Monday, 10:30am-11:30am

South Seas F

Mobile is making Big Data even bigger, presenting new opportunities and challenging existing enterprise IT processes. The bounty of real-time data from devices and sensors is providing irresistible and unprecedented context about what’s happening in specific times and places, and with customers – driven from a powerful and flexible cloud.

Hear from IBM clients who are using these insights and taking action at start-up speed to create impressive contextual experiences in the moment, making their businesses more relevant and productive for employees, and more compelling to customers.

Also, learn how you can quickly capitalize on the mobile context opportunity with intelligent location awareness, geospatial mapping and more.

Strategic Data Partnerships

Reimagine Analytics for the Insight Economy with Twitter and the Weather Company

Monday, 1:00pm-2:00pm

South Seas F

Leaders in the Insight Economy know that pervasive use of insight helps organically transform their business and industry. Every day, more people across the enterprise are using data and analytical tools. Organizations want to combine more sources of external data with internal information to identify patterns and new ideas that impact their business. Learn how IBM is applying advanced analytics capabilities and expertise to all data---including open, Twitter, and The Weather Company data--- into industry-specific solutions and curated insights. Through this new approach, IBM can help business leaders answer their toughest business questions. Experts will explain how to get started quickly with a simple path to proficiency.

Systems & Architecture

From Challenges to Shared Vision: The Path Toward a Comprehensive Big Data Analytics Solution

Monday, 4:00pm-5:00pm

South Seas F

Unleash the full power of your data. Analytics, Data Management, Information Governance, Infrastructure – their synergy drives better business outcomes. Join us to uncover key lessons from the field for establishing scalable analytic and information management systems – on premise and in the cloud. This discussion will focus on advanced architectures that exploit software, systems, and the best of open source to rapidly, efficiently, and accurately provide information and insight.

z Systems

Distinguish your business: Compete by driving real-time high-quality insights

Tuesday, 10:30am-11:30am

South Seas F

Competing in the Insight Economy demands that every business decision, whether made by human or machine, be informed by the most accurate analysis possible within an ever-shrinking time window. Operations and analysis can no longer be distinct practices. When insights rely on operational data, latency is your enemy, security your concern and cost your inhibitor if you choose to move that data for analysis. Capabilities now available on z Systems are giving businesses real advantage today no matter their objective or technological starting point. Join this session to hear how customers are successfully transforming their operational systems into Decision Management Systems.

Cloud Data Services

Building today’s business in the cloud

Tuesday, 1:00pm-2:00pm

South Seas F

With the advent of cloud computing, organizations are increasingly looking for ways to tap into and leverage the availability, flexibility and ease of use of cloud data services. In this session, Derek Schoettle GM IBM CDS will introduce the audience to IBM’s Cloud Data Services portfolio and show them through the lens of a growing company with hands-on, interactive demonstrations – how you take your organization into the cloud today.

Information, Integration & Governance

Achieving comprehensive information integration and governance

Tuesday, 2:30pm-3:30pm

South Seas F

Integration & Governance is not a one-size-fits-all program of bureaucratic procedures and expensive technologies. Instead, it is an approach that helps organizations discover, enrich, integrate, locate and manage diverse data from different data sources throughout the data lifecycle. IBM Analytics solutions integrate with leading open source technologies, social and mobile platforms, and can be deployed on premise or in cost saving hybrid cloud configurations to best suit an organization’s needs. Learn about the latest Information Integration & Information Governance capabilities of the IBM Analytics Platform and hear how IBM clients are putting agile data integration and governance solutions into action.

Internet of Things

IoT – Insight for Business Transformation

Tuesday, 4:00pm-5:00pm

South Seas F

IoT has grown beyond merely linking the physical and digital worlds, to creating powerful actionable insight. Understand how you can take IoT beyond simply being about the number of data-producing things, to attaining valuable information from those things: to consume, analyze and generate insight from all sources of data. Imagine your business possibilities with an integrated IoT platform built on an open platform that powers the next generation of IoT applications, stretching from embedded technology all the way to industry applications for smarter products, smarter homes and smarter cities. Hear how industry leaders are acting faster and competing more fiercely using data gathered and analyzed from the Internet of Things.


Stop Unknown Threats Before You're Breached: Apply Analytics to the Challenge of Security

Wednesday, 10:30am-11:30am

South Seas F

While you're reading this, attackers are persistently working to breach your enterprise. They use increasingly sophisticated methods to find a way in, and most victims don't discover the breach for months. Do you have the visibility to stop them? What about those already on the inside? As organizations embrace innovation, protecting against cyberattacks becomes more critical. You need a different approach to stop advanced attacks and unknown threats from outside the organization, and to deter risky behavior of insiders as well. We will explore how integrated capabilities, analytics and a big data approach to security can help you proactively protect your most critical assets.

Social Business

Technology Transcendence: Giving Your Collaboration Tools a Brain

Wednesday, 1:00pm-2:00pm

South Seas F

Jason Silva, host of National Geographic's Brain Games, will lead a conversation about the potential to extend collaboration with technologies like cognitive computing, increasing our potential as individuals and changing the way we work together. Rob Koplowitz from IBM will continue to the conversation to discuss how IBM is applying the power of Watson and other technologies to make teams and people more productive, and better connected to the insights, content and files they need to succeed at work. Finally, an IBM customer will be asked about their experiences so far with advanced collaboration, and how the concepts presented here will specifically help them be more competitive and successful.