IBM. Save the Date. Insight 2015. October 25 - 29 | Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV. #ibminsight.

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Continuous engineering

Analytic Business Solutions
Market volatility, new operating models, reduced margins, empowered consumers. The need to run your organization smarter has never been more pressing. IBM Business Analytics enables organizations to transform information into insight and insight into action. Attend these sessions to learn how to apply core analytic capabilities and prescriptive solutions to key business imperatives to deliver substantial value and ROI. You’ll gain practical know-how for implementing customer analytics, operational analytics, and threat and fraud analytics programs.

Performance Management
Learn how to transform slow, expensive, disconnected processes into dynamic, efficient and connected experiences that serve finance, line-of-business and IT professionals alike. In this track, you’ll see how linking diverse processes for planning, reporting, profitability modeling, sales management and more with business intelligence, predictive and risk analytics can drive better results. With flexible deployment options including cloud and mobile, it's now easier than ever to extend the benefits of performance management across your organization.

Predictive and Business Intelligence
Leading organizations are using analytics to exploit all of their data, expand their viewpoints from what happened in the past to what will happen next, and help decision makers at all levels. Attend this track to learn how IBM Business Analytics can help you enhance the value of your BI program with new capabilities, extract new insights from big data and expand your predictive point solutions to the broader organization.

Risk Analytics
Most organizations today lack trust in their risk data and risk management processes, and as a result cannot derive full value from them. Leveraging risk data to improve decision making and build trust involves aggregating and consolidating data from across the organization. Attend the sessions in this track to learn how IBM Risk Analytics solutions are helping risk professionals build a data foundation that empowers decision makers at all levels to act with more confidence.


Enterprise Content Managment

Learn how to manage a growing diversity of incoming information and extract value for deep insight, enhanced customer experience and business growth.

Information Management

Explore how to use big data to build a modern information management architecture while becoming more agile, efficient and competitive.

Fast Tracks

Special category and solution topics and roadmaps that highlight key initiatives across multiple brands. From mobile and social to cloud and Watson, these sessions will offer the latest insights into IBM strategy.

  • -Cloud
    Realize cloud as the growth engine for business. Understand how to enable business users and developers to quickly turn big data, including from the Internet of Things, into real-time actionable insight using hybrid cloud. From IBM Bluemix to SoftLayer to IBM's portfolio of 100+ SaaS solutions, learn how IBM Cloud helps give you the power to work in new, faster, more impactful ways. Accelerate insights with Cloud.
    Learn more about Cloud at Insight
  • -Infrastructure
    Infrastructure Matters: Business agility and fast insights are key to competitive advantage. Learn how designing the right infrastructure can help deliver real-time actionable insights for a competitive advantage using Big Data & Analytics. Infrastructure matters because business outcomes matter. Find out how.
    Learn more about Infrastructure
  • -Mobile/Social
    There's a new generation and it's all about engagement. It's the next level of enterprise mobility and social solutions that drive real business value. It's where data meets engagement, and engagement meets opportunity. Find out how mobile and social technologies are transforming the way we work.
    Learn more about Mobile
    Learn more about Social
  • -Security
    Attend the Security Fast Track sessions and learn more about how IBM can help address the challenges of securing your people, data, applications, and infrastructure. Hear IBM experts and customers discuss solutions for some of the hottest areas of security today. These include Big Data and Security Intelligence, Cloud security, threat protection, preventing on-line and mobile fraud, ensuring regulatory compliance, security services available from IBM, encryption, key management, and more.
    Learn more about Security at Insight
  • -Watson/Cognitive Computing
    The era of cognitive computing is here. Discover how IBM Watson can transform your organization. In a world where data has become the new natural resource, Watson has become the next-generation machinery, helping you discover new relationships from overwhelming amounts of information. See our transformative applications, get an inside look at what is next for cognitive computing, and learn how Watson can help redefine organizations, industries and professions.
    Learn more about Watson at Insight

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