IBM Insight 2014

Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV | October 26-30

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The Insight curriculum is aligned to three programs that encompass 15+ tracks which help frame sessions and content throughout the event.

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Business Analytics

Discover the latest advancements in analytics strategies, from business intelligence, data discovery and predictive analytics to performance management and risk analytics.

Enterprise Content Managment

Learn how to manage a growing diversity of incoming information and extract value for deep insight, enhanced customer experience and business growth.

Information Management

Explore how to use big data to build a modern information management architecture while becoming more agile, efficient and competitive.

Fast Tracks

Special category and solution topics and roadmaps that highlight key initiatives across multiple brands. From mobile and social to cloud and Watson, these sessions will offer the latest insights into IBM strategy.

  • -Cloud
    Realize cloud as the growth engine for business.
  • -Infrastructure
    Infrastructure Matters: Business agility and fast insights are key to competitive advantage.
  • -Mobile
    Build, integrate, manage and protect mobile infrastructures, applications, data and devices.
  • -Security
    Address the challenges of securing your people, data, applications and infrastructure.
  • -Social
    Learn how social technologies and solutions drive real business value.
  • -Watson
    The era of cognitive computing is here. Discover how IBM Watson can transform your organization.

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