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Insight offers a unique educational experience tailored to your needs. From business and industry solutions to deep-dive technical sessions, learn new ways to unlock the potential of data and analytics. Regardless of your interest, skill level or business priorities, the curriculum is designed to help you quickly and easily realize the full value of your investment.

Leading organizations are using data and analytics to transform their industries and professions with speed and conviction. Learn how enterprise scale, line-of-business solutions are fundamentally changing the way organizations engage with their customers, inspire new business models and outpace the competition.


Learn how to realize the value of data and analytics solutions that can help achieve better business outcomes. > Register now.


Whatever your industry, you are faced with ever-increasing expectations. Learn how technology can be strategically applied to transform your enterprise and differentiate your business. > Register now.

Data is the world’s newest resource for competitive advantage. The key is to unlock its potential and allow decision-making to move from the elite few to the empowered many. Learn how successful companies are keeping pace by optimizing and modernizing their IT infrastructures for faster access, analysis and insight.

Advanced Analytics

Learn how smart data discovery uses guided and automated intelligence for data analysis and visualization to help just about anyone in your business apply analytics to their daily work without being masters of analytics or data science. > Register now.

Data & Content Management

Learn how to use data and content to improve a variety of key operations and business needs, including customer insight, case management, data warehouse modernization, document capture, stream and context computing, master data management and more. > Register now.

Hadoop & Spark

As part of IBM's ongoing commitment to Hadoop and the open source ecosystem, IBM is broadening its support for Apache Spark and offering clients access to the latest innovations around data and analytics. > Register now.

Integration, Governance & Security

Learn how organizations are delivering trusted data for warehouses and analytics, processing big data, consolidating and retiring applications, implementing 360-degree customer views, and rolling out data governance initiatives. > Register now.

Systems and Architecture

IT infrastructure matters because business outcomes matter. For cloud. For big data and analytics. Learn how to drive real-time insights, share information, support highly secure transactions and improve the economics of IT. > Register now.

In today's environment, data is simply moving too fast for traditional approaches. Organizations must take advantage of new best practices of harnessing data, turning it into insight, and then into action. Learn how to apply insight everywhere through new advances in Watson, cloud, mobile and the Internet of Things.


The era of cognitive computing is here. Discover how IBM Watson can transform your organization. > Register now.


Realize cloud as the growth engine for business. Cloud is at the nexus of dramatic innovation with mobile as the activation point, data analysis driving differentiation and security as the enabler. > Register now.


Effectively integrate mobile, data and analytics to engage customers in new ways, empower employees to provide superior service and increase the return on your mobile investment. > Register now.

Internet of Things

Learn how you can derive deep business insight from the Internet of Things (IoT)-- an integrated fabric of devices, data, connections, processes, and people. > Register now.