IBM. Save the Date. Insight 2015. October 25 - 29 | Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV. #ibminsight.

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Business and Industry Leadership

In 2012 we introduced big data’s potential. In 2014, we will show the potential realized. Industries have transformed as ever-expanding data is exploited by cognitive era analytics. The results? Personalized service, entirely new business models, real-time predictions and efficiency. All made possible by a new breed of data savvy business leaders, remaking their professions. Come meet them, and IBM's top industry experts, in business discussions about IBM Big Data & Analytics strategies and journeys.


Business Strategies for Big Data & Analytics: In this new era of computing, big data and the powerful analytics solutions are fundamentally changing the way organizations engage with their customers, inspiring new business models and processes for organizations, and even entire industries. In this track you will hear about the strategies, approaches and the journey organizations are taking to make the shift from big data exploration to excellence. Learn from leading organizations and industry experts on how to realize the value of Big Data and Analytics investments that work to transform your business and outpace the competition.

Automotive: The automotive industry's new competitive differentiator is the ability to gain real-time insight from big data inside and outside of vehicles to improve safety, enhance vehicle quality and enrich the driving and service experience. Cars are rolling gold mines of information, gathering data about the driver, the driving environment and the car itself, as well as any connected devices. With IBM Big Data & Analytics capabilities, automakers now have the ability to analyze huge volumes of vehicle data at speeds that allow them to connect with drivers in real time through the car’s infotainment system.

Banking: Banking and financial markets organizations are challenged to drive profit in the world of low margins, increasing regulations and digitally connected customers. However, those who are exploiting big data and analytics to derive new insight from transactions or customer interactions are outperforming competitors. In this track, learn how leading financial institutions are better understanding their customers, reducing risk and fraud, and improving efficiency.

Consumer Products: Consumer Products companies want to leverage big data and analytics capabilities to deliver a differentiated brand experience, collaborate with channel partners to drive differentiation at retail, integrate demand and supply signals to optimize supply and distribution networks and to reinvent processes and accelerate organizational agility for growth. Learn from leading CP industry experts on how you can benefit from IBM's Big Data & Analytics capabilities and solutions to fuel better business decisions and informed actions needed to achieve your strategic goals.

Energy & Utilities: Utilities companies are investing in big data and analytics to support data-driven decision making and planning. Leading utilities are successfully integrating data from smart meters, the grid, distributed energy sources and customers to enable real time insight into energy generation, transmission and distribution, resulting in fewer outages, longer-lived grid assets, better customer service and an overall improvement in customer satisfaction.

Government & Education: The old ways just won't work! Governments and educational organizations no longer have the luxury of business as usual. Between budget constraints and demands for better service, increased efficiency, improved outcomes and greater transparency, organizations need to transform. Instead of just responding to constituent needs, a better, more efficient model is to anticipate those needs. This track will feature forward-thinking government agencies and education institutions that are using IBM’s Big Data & Analytics to gain the insight necessary to improve service delivery, efficiency and decision-making, reduce costs, fight fraud, improve student performance, and predict and prevent threats and crimes.

Healthcare: Broad social and commercial transformation enabled by mobile devices, intense pressure to reduce costs and improve health outcomes, and advances in big data and analytics capabilities are driving innovation and smarter care strategies in the healthcare industry. In this track, healthcare organizations will share how they’re extracting rich insights from internal and external data sources of various types to capture the “voice” of the individual to engage more effectively and improve performance and outcomes.

Insurance: Insurers have a wealth of data available both internally and externally to their operations, which when coupled with analytics can optimize how they interact with policyholders, attract new customers, offer personalized offers, process claims and many other functions. Most are leveraging only a small portion when making decisions. In this track, you’ll learn how big data and analytics is being used by innovative insurers to transform and drive strategic advantage.

Manufacturing: Manufacturers have a long history of using machine data to monitor the health and status of their production operations. A byproduct of this asset-intensive nature is that they typically generate more data than most industries. Big data and analytics technology provides powerful new capabilities that can make sense of all this data and deliver new insights to help manufacturers get the most of their equipment, while minimizing downtime. With IBM Big Data & Analytics, manufacturers can move beyond traditional monitoring and time-based equipment maintenance to a more agile, real-time predictive maintenance model that anticipates and prevents problems well in advance.

Media & Entertainment: Understanding the audience as a series of unique individuals, that can be segmented using innovative methodologies, is critical for media companies. Big data, analytics and mobile have changed the factors for success around programming, advertising, and distribution. Compelling, personalized experiences, across digital channels and monetization platforms, are now a requirement when precisely targeting individual audience members. Content providers, advertisers and marketers are finding answers to their 'who, where, when, what and how' questions in the massive set of data derived from the audience, the enterprise and beyond. In this track, we will show how deep insights into each consumer’s interests, lifetime interactions and consumption patterns are helping IBM clients perform, compete and succeed at unprecedented levels.

Retail: Social media and the Internet have transformed the retail industry and how retailers interact with customers. And with shrinking margins, many retailers are searching for a way to differentiate themselves and increase wallet share. In this track, discover how retailers are analyzing big data from social media, transactions and customer profiles – to predict behavior and deliver personalized experiences that will increase customer loyalty and profitability.

Telecommunications: Today, the market for communication service providers (CSPs) is crowded and competitive. To reduce churn and improve profitability, CSPs need to leverage and monetize network and customer big data. In this track, you’ll hear how analytic solutions are helping CSPs harness this data to gain insight into customer needs to increase loyalty, improve networks to deliver a differentiated customer experience and manage costs, while growing profits.

Travel & Transport: Travel & Transportation organizations are gaining momentum toward the use of big data and analytics for driving desired business outcomes to dramatically improve the end-to-end customer experience, enhance services to increase revenue and manage capacity, maximize availability of assets and infrastructure and to improve operational efficiency. Learn from leading T&T organizations and industry experts on how you can benefit from leveraging IBM's Big Data & Analytics capabilities to fuel better business decisions and informed actions needed to achieve your strategic goals.

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