Advanced fraud protection

Combat financial fraud and corporate data breaches

Traditional security techniques are struggling to protect against malware and advanced targeted attacks. IBM Security advanced fraud protection software can detect and prevent security threats often missed by traditional approaches. It combines multi-layer security software with threat intelligence to protect against malware and phishing attacks, and help meet regulatory requirements.

IBM Security advanced fraud protection software offers capabilities in the areas of fraud protection, endpoint security and threat intelligence services, as well as protection against advanced persistent threats (APTs) and zero-day vulnerabilities.

Cloud-delivered security provides a Software-as-a-Service architecture to rapidly protect PCs, tablets and smartphones, including near real-time updates due to malicious activities and new and emerging threats.

Scalability and research can help protect tens of millions of endpoints using research gathered from a network of more than 100 protected million endpoints across the globe.

Mobile risk engine provides account takeover prevention, compromised device detection, complex device fingerprinting and a global fraudster database.

Hundreds of financial institutions and other organizations use IBM advanced fraud protection software to protect their web applications and customers’ and employees’ computers and mobile devices from online threats. Seven of the ten top U.S. banks and nine of the top ten U.K. banks use IBM advanced fraud protection software to help secure customer accounts against financial fraud and cyber attacks.

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