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Let us help you maximize your Cloud Content Services (ECM) investment

Throughout the life cycle of your system, our experts guide, mentor and support your efforts.

Whether deploying your first application, running a large system in production, or rolling out CCS-ECM to your entire organization, our services offerings, quickstarts and jumpstarts can help ensure optimal performance and help you expand and enhance your Cloud Content Services (ECM) investment.

IBM Cloud Content Services - Proactive Services Offerings

Position, Understand, Define – Offerings Framework.

Position, Understand, Define – ECM Offerings Framework.

Our services offerings are structured into four categories:
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Services which accelerate and define your vision and strategy

 Strategic Services


  • Understand the IBM ECM strategic vision, capabilities, and applicability to your business needs
  • Identify key ECM solutions to address specific business needs and build a high-level ECM vision for your enterprise
  • Define a comprehensive ECM solution with preliminary implementation plans and clear next steps
  • Provides a clear overview of the proposed ECM approach to enable you to socialize and gain sponsorship for the program throughout the implementation lifecycle
  • Enables IBM to begin to build a picture of your ECM requirements and the architecture to support your business needs
  • Provides IBM with direction on how best to support your future business ECM needs.

 Discovery Workshop


  • Identify, review, and validate business goals and pain points related to your ECM plans
  • Review your current and future ECM requirements and assess solution options based upon IBM best practices and services blueprint
  • Identify and validate potential alternative or complementary ECM business solutions that support your goals and needs
  • Identify potential cost savings and ROI for multi-platform ECM solution plans
  • Document implementation plans and baseline solution design, identifying key business and technical proof points
  • Allows a joint understanding of your ECM business goals, requirements, and pain points as input to an ECM Solution Architecture design
  • Enables the design, tailor, and size-appropriate solutions and services to meet your specific business needs.

 Architecture Workshop


  • Develop a comprehensive, validated architecture and implementation plan that can be executed as part of a Quick Win Pilot, or extended into a full solution implementation
  • Define and design the ECM Architecture, using IBM ECM Service’s expertise and best practices -- defining solution designs and architectures for ECM customers around the world and mapping them on their specific situation and requirements
  • Build or augment your existing skills around ECM solution architecture by leveraging IBM subject matter experts and proven enablement packages
  • Based upon the information gathered through the Architecture Workshop, IBM can create a tailored and cost-effective ECM solution architecture with an accurate sizing for either a Quick Win Pilot or phased implementation.


Services to help you implement your solution based on our iterative deployment methodology and proven practices.

 Quick Win Pilot


  • Deliver a tangible solution to your business in 10 weeks or less – creating an early success to help accelerate further ECM adoption
  • Engage your business and IT stakeholders in collaborative, iterative solution design and delivery
  • Leverage IBM Service`s prescriptive approaches and deep subject matter expertise to deliver quick ROI to your business stakeholders
  • Establish a demonstrable reference for proven ECM best practices and methodology applied within your organization
  • Create a scope that defines, prioritizes, and deploys a future-state ECM solution in your pilot environment
  • Establish an internal proof-point for the value of ECM solutions within your business, and jump start your internal team
  • Provides feedback on how to enhance the solution to your specific implementation needs
  • Creates an understanding of your needs for Enablement/Mentoring services or Full Solution Implementation support.

 Implementation Service


  • Based on the experience from the defined workshops and quick win pilot, scale your ECM solution across your enterprise
  • Deploy your full ECM solution into production
  • Provide comprehensive deployment roadmap, staffing plans, project plans, and cost estimates  
  • Drive the ECM solution against well defined decision points, milestones, and delivery criteria, keeping a tight control of the agreed timelines and implementation budgets
  • Engage your business and IT stakeholders in collaborative, iterative solution design and delivery at scale
  • Leverage IBM Service`s prescriptive approaches and deep subject matter expertise to optimize your investment in ECM
  • Augment and enable your existing resources so you can confidently deliver value to your business stakeholders
  • Help assessing your need for additional mentoring and enablement to ensure you can own and maintain the solution going forward
  • Define your need for Lifetime Support services during and after the implementation lifecycle, to keep your solution up to date and accurate.


Services to help you maximize performance and ensure operational efficiency 

 Lifetime Support


  • Delivers a proactive, cost-reducing, and productivity-enhancing advisory service
  • Provides access to an assigned team who builds a foundational understanding of your overall environment
  • Facilitates faster deployment, lifecycle leadership, risk mitigation, and more by identifying ways to improve your environment, staff skill set, and processes
  • Reduces technical problems, performs advanced analysis, and minimizes implementation errors
  • Maximize the value from your ECM investments
  • Allows IBM to continue to support your successful implementation
  • Helps to assess your need for additional mentoring and enablement to ensure you can own the solution going forward.


Services to enhance your business effectiveness and alignment to increase enterprise skills and adoption

 Health Check


  • Optimizes your solution performance to maximize value from your ECM investment
  • Quickly identifies problems before these materialize in the production environment and helps to avoid cost, inconvenience, or even unavailability of the services
  • Assesses your staff skills and recommends appropriate enablement, augmentation, or support services
  • Creates a consistent Health Check Report and presentation for your IT leadership and relevant IBM services and support team
  • Provides insight into the existing solution deployment
  • Enables IBM to proactively troubleshoot your systems and provides recommendations for remediation.

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