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Throughout the life cycle of your Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system, our experts guide, mentor and support your efforts.

Whether deploying your first application, running a large system in production, or rolling out ECM to your entire organization, our service offerings can help ensure optimal performance and help you expand and enhance your ECM investment.

IBM Software Services: A comprehensive portfolio

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Capture Content

Datacap Taskmaster v8.1 Quick Start
Establish a data capture application using the FastDoc Taskmaster interface in only three weeks.

Datacap Taskmaster Accounts Payable technology (APT)
Implement a data entry solution built specifically for Accounts Payable to capture key data automatically from invoice images.

Datacap Taskmaster for Medical Claims
Capture, verify and route medical claim data – such as CMS data from CMS 1500 and UB04 forms - to adjudication systems without manual data entry.

Activate Content

Quick Win Discovery Workshop (PDF, 549KB)
Identify and tailor your key requirements for a Quick Win Pilot approach to showcase the value of case management and rapid/iterative application development.

Quick Win Pilot for ACM (PDF, 553KB)
Establish an operational platform for case management and associated content and process capabilities – in 10 weeks.

ACM Center of Excellence
Establish internal core competency to focus on enterprise case management capabilities and drive efficient business results.

Socialize Content

SharePoint content management & governance
Manage your SharePoint content whether implementing a new collaboration library; applying governance rules and processes to an existing collaboration library, or decommissioning existing content that has reached the end of it's lifecycle

Analyze Content

Quick Win Pilot for ICA (PDF, 521KB)
Establish an operational platform for content analytics and demonstrate the immediate business value deployed against real client data – in 9 weeks.

Content assessment pilot
Leverage tools faster to identify, analyze, preserve and manage content and transform content in the wild into categorized, secured, usable content.

Govern Content

Email & files Archiving for storage management
Learn how to apply space manage principles to business content and slow the growth of media storage costs.

Understanding & implementing electronic discovery for litigation
Understand, plan, and implement tools to help litigation case managers locate, manage and analyze information into case folders.

File plan development & validation
Review your existing records inventory, retention schedules, and file plans to compare with industry standards for records organization schemes to create an effective electronic file plan.

Legacy data migration for information governance
Migrate your legacy records and data to an IBM ECM solution with assistance in data mapping and designing the most suitable re-declaration mechanisms for the given situation.

eDiscovery Process Management
Analyze, update, and improve your legal hold process management. Update eDiscovery processes by using proven ILG technology.

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