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Patient Care and Insights is an integrated and configurable set of solutions that brings together advanced analytics and care management capabilities to help healthcare organizations maximize the value of information for treating patients. With Patient Care and Insights, healthcare organizations can increase the quality of care, improve clinical outcomes and reduce costs by:


Analytics and care management capabilities are provided by these products and solutions integrated in the Patient Care and Insights solution.


Generate data-driven, evidence-based insights
Patient Care and Insights provides advanced analytics capabilities to help healthcare organizations integrate and analyze the full breadth of patient information, acquired from multiple systems and care providers. Organizations can mine structured and unstructured data ranging from vital metrics and test results to doctors’ notes, faxes and diagnostic reports. Providers can quickly identify and visualize longitudinal trends, patterns and anomalies, and determine their relationship to medical outcomes.

Enable new intervention opportunities
Patient Care and Insights helps providers move beyond a one-size-fits-all approach and pinpoint individualized intervention opportunities. Care teams can use advanced analytics to identify at-risk patients and predict individual outcomes. With these insights, they can initiate earlier, personalized interventions and more effectively help prevent disease development, postoperative infections, condition deterioration and hospital readmissions.

Deliver accountable, coordinated and patient-centered care
Drawing on the insights gained, providers can use case management capabilities to create personalized and shareable, coordinated electronic care plans that support patient-centered medical home delivery models. They can effectively monitor, manage and facilitate collaboration across multiple care settings, and over time - incorporating the patient, caregivers, medical and payor teams, and other stakeholders. Reporting capabilities allow providers to measure outcomes, and productivity and improve accountability.

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