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Join us for a live, online demonstration of some of the newest IBM ECM products. Delivered by an IBM subject matter expert, these custom demos are interactive to give you a first-hand look at the product and an opportunity to get your individual questions answered.

IBM’s solutions for ECM help organizations make better decisions faster by managing content, optimizing business processes and enabling compliance.

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IBM Capture IBM Capture solutions deliver substantial cost savings and data quality to your scanning operations. By automating document classification, separation and data extraction, IBM Capture helps customers significantly reduce manual labor and paper costs while improving data quality, business process and records management. March 5, 2015
10am PT/1pm ET
IBM Case Manager IBM Case Manager integrates content and process management with advanced analytics, business rules, collaboration and social software. With IBM Case Manager, business users will have the right tools to support ad hoc processes and extract more value and critical insight from their structured and unstructured information. coming soon
IBM Content Analytics with Cognos IBM Cognos® is well known as IBM's premiere Business Analytics offering. But what could possibly infuse it with even more powerful capabilities? Using it together with IBM Content Analytics. Cognos analyzes structured information to help organizations understand the Who, What, When, and Where of topics or subjects. Content Analytics adds the How and Why. That's because the How and Why are often only found buried in unstructured information like documents, emails, websites, call center records, social media, etc. This product demo will show you how IBM Content Analytics can be used with Cognos to add new capabilities to your organization. coming soon
IBM Content Collector for Microsoft SharePoint IBM Content Collector for Microsoft SharePoint enable users to stay in the familiar Microsoft Office environment, and leverages IBM FileNet P8's ECM capabilities. Content originally created in SharePoint, managed by IBM FileNet P8 is accessible to authorized users and can be placed under full lifecycle and compliance management. coming soon
IBM Content Manager OnDemand IBM Content Manager OnDemand (CM OnDemand) is an Enterprise Report Management solution that provides instant access to bills, statements and invoices allowing your organization to leverage key information more effectively, enabling a quicker response to customer and market needs. March 3, 2015
10am PT/1pm ET
IBM Content Navigator Content Navigator allows users to access, manage and work with enterprise content directly from nearly any mobile device, practically anytime and from virtually anywhere - even across multiple systems and enterprise content management repositories. coming soon
IBM Daeja ViewONE IBM Daeja ViewONE software makes it easier for business and IT users to view documents and images as part of their content/document management solution. The powerful document viewer reduces support needs and includes productivity modules to enhance office document functionality and support. This software provides faster data access and a compelling user experience. February 18, 2015
10am PT/1pm ET
IBM ECM System Monitor IBM ECM System Monitor continuously monitors more than 1,100 performance and system parameters in real-time. It also intelligently analyzes logfiles to detect and diagnose problems quickly, and automates more than 75 daily tasks. February 25, 2015
10am PT/1pm ET
IBM Legacy Data Clean-Up (StoredIQ) The IBM Legacy Data Clean-up solution, utilizing StoredIQ, can find, classify and remediate redundant, obsolete and trivial data to reduce storage risk and cost. coming soon

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