ECM Universe Uncovering the digital thumbprint to neutralize threats

Web-based social networks connect and empower people to find like-minded individuals to quickly fuel their beliefs and causes. While many use this power for positive, constructive use, others use it to spread hate, incite violence, and attack the fabric of society on a local, state, national or even global scale.

The speed of online social network communication does not afford the luxury of time for law enforcement to manually collect, sort through and analyze online messages to gather meaningful intelligence.

Addressing the high rate and volume of messages requires automated tools to gain the insight that will prevent an escalating event from evolving into a regretful aftermath.

Becoming an Agile Digital Detective

Learn how law enforcement analysts can use online social media surveillance and digital forensic data mining to identify credible threats, allowing law enforcement officials to respond quickly to unfolding current events.

ECM Universe RCA for Law Enforcement

Uncovering the Digital Thumbprint to Neutralize Threats

With ECM Universe’s Rapid Content Analytics (RCA) for Law Enforcement solution, threat analysis tools – previously available only to elite organizations such as the Department of Homeland Security and other Federal Intelligence Agencies – are now within reach of all law enforcement agencies, regardless of size and stature.

The solution, built on IBM Content Analytics, provides both social media surveillance and digital forensic data mining capabilities.

These solution capabilities enable rapid analysis of online content, based on language patterns characteristic of known offenders and credible threats, and by allowing:

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