Enterprise Content Management solutions for Microsoft

IBM Enterprise Content Management (ECM) provides an integrated approach to help you manage content wherever it is created and used across your organization with Microsoft products – from desktop applications like Microsoft Word to collaboration and communication tools such as Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint. IBM offers integration and support for Microsoft products to help organizations maximize their Microsoft and IBM investments. IBM ECM bridges the gap between desktop authoring and collaboration for business documents and a comprehensive Enterprise Content Management (ECM) infrastructure.

IBM working with Microsoft.

FileNet Content Manager integration with MS Office 2007 includes the MS Office 2007 suite of products, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook to help the casual business user get the daily work done without spending time learning yet another new application. The MS Office integration provides access to most relevant ECM features without compromising on usability. FileNet Content Manager Connector for SharePoint Web Parts gives MicroSoft SharePoint users direct access to documents and process management activities provided by FileNet content management.

Content Collector  is a unique single content collection and archiving solution designed to collect, enhance and manage Microsoft Outlook e-mail, file system and other casually created, contributed and collected content. Content Collector for Microsoft SharePoint replaces the previous FileNet Connector for SharePoint Document Libraries with a product that is completely integrated into Content Collector to provide collection and archiving of SharePoint content.

DITA and XML authoring for business users via Microsoft Word helps business users create content in a structured way -- without the burden and complexity of traditional XML authoring tools. Based on Quark XML Author for Microsoft Word business users can create content as simply as if it were a Word document. But behind the easy to use interface, the content is structured and mapped according to the XML and DITA standards and managed in IBM FileNet Content Manager.

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